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2008 Toyota Land Cruiser official pics

2008 Toyota Land Cruiser official pics

2008 land cruiser_official-1.jpg

We have found official photos of the 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser that were leaked by a Toyota dealer somewhere in Honduras. No kidding.

For more information on the new Land Cruiser, check out our previous report. We hear from non-Toyota sources that it will launch in February 2008, with the new Corolla.

2008 2009 toyota land cruiser
2008 2009 toyota land cruiser
2008 2009 toyota land cruiser
2008 2009 toyota land cruiser

What do you think?



  1. read end looks Fugly!!

  2. waiting for that car dudes… 😛

  3. it still looks the old one,nothing radical

  4. Its like they made a genetically modified clone….lol….looks crap…!

  5. The current Landcruiser became obese , i.e the new 2008 landcruiser which looks ugly, tundra with a hardtop behind would be much better

  6. Definately prefer the 2007 model. The new 2008 model makes it look like a family SUV-ish car. I hope with future models they go back to how they used to make them!

  7. from the front its ok but from the back it sux, what are these tail lights and that ugly rear bumper the rings are still the same 😯 😯 😯 😯

  8. i am not buyin it… no ways… looks like somebody fell a sleep designin it..haha

    i love my porshe cayenne…

  9. you people do realize that these pics are edited and not really the official pictures 😐

  10. Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury Author

    These are the real pictures. 🙄

  11. it sux :mrgreen: to the core with that dark red lights and is useless better is to purchase prado or a hummer

  12. 😈 NISSAN is much better

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