So we got a new Mini Cooper S

So we got a new Mini Cooper S

2008 mini cooper s

Hot on the heels of our X5 tester, this weekend, we just got a brand new Mini Cooper S for four whole days, complete with a manual transmission and a panoramic sunroof.

Due to unknown reasons, our tester was home-delivered with a non-functioning stability control system. Not that the Mini even needs electronic nannies, given our previous experience with the agile older model. The rest of the car is oddly familiar too.

What do you think?



  1. ohhhh drivearabia is on a ROLL!!!! :mrgreen: cool, so what is next on the list??

  2. Author

    ZO6 and H3, if that means anything to you. 😉

  3. Corvette and Hummer?

  4. ohhh the zo6, hope you take it to a track!!!!

  5. I’ve driven the Corvette Zo6.It’s a supercar indeed.forget about expensive supercar,the ZO6 is the bomb.

  6. hey no ones talkin about my little beauty up there hehe

  7. hey diego shez beautiful…did u propose to it yet? good luck

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