So we got a Chevy Corvette ZO6

So we got a Chevy Corvette ZO6


GM came through for us and home-delivered this yellow Corvette ZO6 with a six-speed manual. This should amount to our fastest car yet that we’ve had for review. 505 horsepower is no joke. This is also the first time ever I blurted out “cool car” to the dude who handed me the keys.

Let’s hope I don’t get caught.

What do you think?



  1. this is the coolest car ever 😎

  2. damn how do drive that below 200kmph ?????

  3. cool not its hot car dude…
    my favourite sexy car….

  4. ooohh my GODD.. it is justt the most sexiest car around… drivin it was just too amazin

  5. is the front bumper still in one piece martins? 😀

  6. diego u dumbass. come to my office.

  7. sir,, dont want any of your teachin.. it has disabled me hehe

  8. Peaple say that Mitsubishi Evolution MR400 is faster than this.
    is that true 🙄

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