2008 Mazda 6 debuts in Europe

2008 Mazda 6 debuts in Europe

2008 2009 mazda 6

The 2008 Mazda 6 will be launched at the Frankfurt Auto Show this year, and we have to say, it is absolutely stunning. Engines will include a four-cylinder and a 3.5-litre V6, as well as three body styles, as before.

2008 2009 mazda 6

Shown above is the liftback model. The following two pictures show the sedan model.

2008 2009 mazda 6

The sedan is the hottest mass-production midsize sedan ever, to say the least.

2008 2009 mazda 6

This is the station wagon model.

2008 2009 mazda 6

Finally, below is the amazing interior.

2008 2009 mazda 6

More details come later. Too bad local dealer support for Mazda is pathetic.

What do you think?



  1. tell me when its commin to galadari dealers in dubai…………superb

  2. looks like a copy of lexus to me…

  3. wooow its really nice 😉

  4. I cant wait .I must have one very soon.wow…… 🙂

  5. my God that is a stunner, can we hold a gun to somone’s head here so that they bring the v6 to UAE??

  6. nice car..
    interior look nice…
    nice hot car.. 😀

  7. full review or picture gallery? try 2 chk the link urself b4 posting 🙄

  8. Fantastic 😯 it looks like lexus is300, but as i know the dealer in UAE is not as you can think 🙁

  9. MAN!! I loved it.. please let us know as soon as it hits the showrooms in dubai!! amlooking out for my first car and this is surely it!

  10. i have a maza6 2004, and i love it. but not sure about buying it again cause of a very bad local dealer, galadari. The dealer always lies about the cars options, late customer service and over priced spare parts. trust me i know galadari sucks bad. I will not for anything coming from galadari.

  11. galadari sucks as a local auto dealer, i hope Mazda chooses al futtiam motors as UAE agent. Galadair destroyed the ford market and lost its agency. i hope galadari doesn’t hurt Mazda too.

  12. will no dealer is perfect, i heard too many complaints on al futtaim, we have to accept the fact that galadari is the only dealer for Mazda in the UAE, i’m dealing with them since 2005 coz i got 2 Mazda cars and they are doing their best to satisfy their customers, maybe they will be better after releasing the new Mazda 6. 😎

  13. Check this website, it will give you a clear idea about this Master Piece

  14. mazda 6 nice but 3.5ltr is too much. it must be 1.8ltr 🙁

  15. Why do Car Companies not release their more powerful engines in this region. Aren’t middle east drivers power hungry? We’ve got the cheapest fuel in the world and Manufacturer’s release cars like the Chevy Spark/Daewoo Matiz!!!!!!

    When V6/8/12 are the concern, i’m not environmentally friendly and i’m proud of it!!!!

  16. Mazda 6 has push start button, this is cool.

  17. i am gonna buy it as soon as it cums to UAE….. 😆

  18. The new Mazda 6 will be released maybe in march for UAE market

  19. dashing car…dumped all the other rivals..im always big deadly fan of mazda6…go ahead my sweet mazda6 saying ZOOOOM ZOOOOOOM….

  20. check http://www.autoblog.com and go for car maker (Mazda) and check the stunning photos

  21. does this car have a In-Dash Built-in GPS / Entertainment System for the GGC models or not ???

  22. it’s really zoom in zoom in zoooom
    bcz V can’t clse our eyes
    that much cute and it’s stand like ready to fast
    so hot

  23. The worst Car service I’ve ever seen in my life. UAE’s Galadari is always late on car service deliveries, always lie about the status of the car and require you to change almost everything before they can tell you what the problem was!!!! It’s been 6 months now where I took my car over for three times to fix my leaking AC and they weren’t able to!!!

    When you deliver the car for a job, they would tell u it will take two days to deliver only to get it after 8 days!! Please MAZDA do something..

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