The Corvette ZO6 is a class-leading machine

The Corvette ZO6 is a class-leading machine


It is amazing that the company which brought us the goofy Spark can also create something as world-beating as the Corvette ZO6. The thing has enough power to wipe out most of the German and Italian competition. In fact, you’d have to spend a million dirhams at the Ferrari showroom to overtake this American piece of plastic. Shop at Porsche, and you have to get the Turbo model to take on the ZO6, at a 35% higher price. Think it can’t handle? Well, think again.

The ZO6 has tyres wider than any 4WD I’ve ever driven. And the damn thing has no body roll whatsoever. Don’t ask me how that is even possible, given that the ride is almost as compliant as that of a BMW Z4 Coupe.

The interior suffers from cost-cutting though, but ultimately it is average enough to get a passing grade. Little gadgets like button-operated doors and the fighter-pilot heads-up display make things interesting.

Anyone who buys a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche over this pure driving machine is only buying it for the snob appeal. When was the last time you saw a Ferrari et al take a corner at anything more than crawling speeds. I corner faster than them in a Corolla.

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  1. i know the z06 is faster than the 911 turbo, but what about the gt3 or the F430? 😈
    id just keep going around roundabouts very fast IF i had had this beast 😆

  2. love u z06 superb car
    i wish i buy it.

  3. yes am with chris 🙄 it is faster than the 911 turbo
    but let me tell you some thing man
    the 911 have an engine that is half the size of the corvette. and the american manu. they even didnt use the shoe that is in their minds to think a little bit. the only thing that they are doing is increasing the engine capacity i think they reached 8 liters whats next 10 litters and after 10 years maybe a truk engine
    and alse the italians are following them even the lamb. LP640 they took it from a german manu. (Audi) and they tune it
    about the porsche. i think you have to wait till they lunch the GT2 and after that we will see (and if you visit the porsche web site) you will notice that they are saying they used the 911 turbo engine 😈 and they increased the efficiency of it, and that increases the HP about 50 HP in the cayenne they are also offering the GTS which has the S model but they increase it about 20 HP Although the engine still have the same capacity. and thats what i call it ENGINEERING :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    thats why the price of the Z06 is much lower than the 911 turbo although it is faster. but the secret is that you have to buy a petrol gas station with it and that suxs. 😕 😉

  4. Author

    The Corvette’s fuel economy is excellent actually. Better than a Land Cruiser or a Tahoe. A Ferrari and Lamborghini has worse fuel consumption than even the big 4WDs.

  5. yup a corvette is even exempt of the gas guzzler tax in the USA. its got so much torque, i think for city driving you dont need the first 2 gears 😯

  6. Mr. Mashfique. and even when you compare it to the SUV this is Sux for a small car. and the other problem is that most of the american cars loose their prices after small period and that does not happen with the other sport cars like Lambo. or porsche or ferrari, and thats another point. 😐
    thanks for the comments :mrgreen:

  7. no prolem with after-sale price because this car should kept as a collection car.Why?it can compete with most supercars.

  8. zo6 is hot superb car
    so dont think to buy porsche 911 turbo or gt2 or 3 just buy z06 and save ur money.

  9. do you think that this car is giong to live longer than the other super cars. then you are wrong. 😈 😮 😡
    most of you think about the shortperiod but if you think what will happen to it in the future then you will understand me. 😀 :mrgreen:

  10. Wicked !!!!! Stunning

  11. the Z06 has a very low price compared to other supercars and better acceleration 0-100 3.7sec

  12. a frind of mine owned the Z06 Red color 2007……it got a eearth shaking enging noise……it can bust any ferari or super car on a one on one chalenge……..CHEVY RULES.

  13. “it can bust any ferari or super car on a one on one chalenge”

    wake up dude…there are faster cars available but at a much higher price. A ferrari enzo can easily beat the corvette and don’t tell me that you haven’t heard of the bugatti veyron.

  14. i think of a corvette zo6 as ferrari 430 for half da price range …………
    which makes it more than great ………it tops at 198mp and 0 to 100 in jast 3.7sec…………….not jast will priced, but even one of da best supercars today………i think cheve is giving us to much for such a good price range……….if u r abut to buy a supercar take my edvice
    and take corvette and safe some money belive me.i have driven it and i no how it drives …… 😉

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