So our GMC Acadia gets very dirty

So our GMC Acadia gets very dirty


I took the BMW X5 off-road because BMW kept pounding the public with evidence that it could, showing it as doing dunes and climbing man-made hills. I got it stuck and had to tow it out. On the other hand, the GMC Acadia was never advertised as being anything more than a road-going vehicle. But Diego, our not-so-bright PR guy, took it off-road anyway when I wasn’t looking.

When he came back, it was caked in mud and sand, both inside and out, that would take a week to clean out. I checked underneath, and nothing was damaged except for a slightly deformed front lip that is mounted so low it could scoop up insects off the tarmac. If that plastic lip wasn’t there, it could do as well as any other soft-roader, since I found the all-wheel-drive system quite impressively-efficient and very quick-responding on loose surfaces indeed.

I guess the lip is an aerodynamic aid to shield its lower-body parts from the wind in an attempt to improve fuel economy. We still got the same fuel consumption numbers as the Infiniti QX56, which is larger, heavier, has a big V8 and comes with low-range gearing too.

But none of this takes away the fact that its ride quality is as extremely comfortable as any luxury car, with space and quietness to back it up. Full review coming soon.


What do you think?



  1. hmmm thats a bit mean….maybe you should make martins clean it himself manually 😆

  2. still better than most luxurious offroaders. 🙂

  3. thats why you have to wait too much to g :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: et a car for a test drive.

  4. Hey …

    Thatz a nice snapshot review. Looking forward for full review. 😀

  5. Thats why they didn’t give you Infiniti FX35 for a test drive :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  6. I was considered buying this vehicle but went in for the top end Hyundai Veracruz..amazing vehicle – the Veracruz. Full safety, great engine, virtually silent ride..13.5 liters for 100 km and the best part is that it’s 15k AED cheaper than the Arcadia.

  7. You said Pajero has Outdated platform, but 2007-2008 Pajero has changed and now it has very stylish platform.

  8. does Acadia has Nav?

  9. Author

    Seems navigation is not offfered in the GCC-spec Acadia, even as an option. Oh, and the Pajero is the same truck underneath as it was 10 years ago.

  10. so it is a 150K truck with rear entertainment but they cannot offer the NAV. This sucks

  11. btw it does have NAV

  12. i have a doubt in purchasing a 4wd…the choices that i have are the 2008 Pajero 3.8 or the Nissan Xterra. I am not a serious Off roader but i liked the performance of the xterra. the Pajero was very slow but the interiors are very good….need some advice….which to go for…. 😯 🙄

  13. Author

    Difference in price. You decide what you want.

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