2008 Nissan GT-R photos revealed early

2008 Nissan GT-R photos revealed early


Seen here is the first ever unmasked photo of the 2008 Nissan Skyline GT-R. American Motor Trend magazine prematurely put the car on their cover too. We don’t have the magazine, but they revealed a handful of performance specs.

The rag claims 0-96 kph (0-60 mph) in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 307 kph, all for under US$ 80,000 (Dhs 300,000). If it is ever sold here, we’d expect much higher GCC pricing, since the 350Z and Infiniti G35 coupe are both overpriced already.

The GT-R’s 3.8-litre twin turbo V6 produces 473 hp and 588 Nm of torque. The standard gearbox is a dual-clutch six-speed tranny with paddle shifters.

Later, more official pictures surfaced on the internet.


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  1. this car rocks
    am really sad for porsche
    am one of porsche fans 😉
    what happened with the carrera gt record did this car beat it 😕
    i hope not

  2. hey in this link are some extra photos (arabic link)
    click on the picture to zoom it

  3. So, we can call the fastest four seats racing car

  4. So, we can call it the fastest four seats racing car

  5. thats the car i am looking for..
    fast as jet :mrgreen:
    waiting in arab markerts…

  6. this car rocks,heard base model worth US 54,000 with 480 HBP.Ihope it’s true. 😎

  7. The best and Great Supercar of all time. Skyline is the only car which can beat or challenge any other supercar. Now it come with 480 bhp but it can be reachable to 1500 bhp if modified because other supercars cannot be modified like lambos and ferraris porsche because they have an electronic type engine.

  8. sohi, who told you that???? 😯
    you are wrong.
    and the electronic engines can be controlled even easier than the non one’s. (i.e modified but not too much) just play with the functions in the ECU. if you want more, then you have to play with the mechanical parts like adding a charging system, or increase the bore of the cylinder, which is harder to do and more exp. and there is nothing for free. 🙂

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