Chevrolet to release CSV CR8 Lumina

Chevrolet to release CSV CR8 Lumina


We just received a list of 2008 models from General Motors Middle East, and hidden in this list is a “CSV CR8” with “400+ horsepower” and what not. This is confirmation that Chevrolet will finally release the Australian HSV Commodore supersedans in the Middle East with Chevy badging, but dropping the Lumina name. There are even photos of the Chevy-badged car in the GCC.


The car will have a 411 hp 6.0-litre V8 if it follows the HSV specs, with a choice of six-speed manual or six-speed automatic. It will also have 19-inch wheels, DVD entertainment system, special upholstery, a body kit and unique LED tail-lights.


The HSV version can do 0-100 kph in 5 seconds with either gearbox.


We now understand why the standard Lumina SS is offered with such a basic trim level. They were waiting for the CSV CR8 to take the top spot. Should be fun.


Some of these cars are already sitting quietly at some dealership probably for testing purposes.


What do you think?



  1. Gosh I guess I saw this in Aweer Auto Mart. Are u taling about the same eh?

  2. i think Holden will arrive here in November, not this one.

  3. look nice but interior look bad.
    tell me when its launch in arab markerts??? 🙄

  4. To Mr.Chowdhury…… Why Mitsubishi stopped doing Magna? it was very powerful and comfortable car 😥

  5. Attn: Assassin:
    buy new lumina ss and enjoy dude :mrgreen:

  6. 2006 lumina SS is enough for me.I had it and it’s simply great. 😀

  7. Its From Australia That Car!!!!!!!!

    Its Aussie Built Tough!!!!!!!

  8. wow thats great with this Lumina ss we can beat The Monster Jeep Srt so we wont be a loser anymore. But i have infiniti g35 last year i bought it because i learned from Chowdry that lumina losted from infiniti will sell G35 will buy this one to beat Jeep srt8. 😆 😆 😆

  9. mr sohi forget about the G35. hehe. there will be G37 and it destroyed the BMW 335i and one of the magazines wrote about it. its enough that it has a transmision controls behind the steeering like lambo and ferrari. even porsche dont have it (i know you will say it has on the steering it self). but thats not as good as its behind the steering. (its my opinion). and this is not in mercedes and bmw. and its only infiniti. many people still underestimating the infinity brand. but am sure since they will start selling cars in europe. just give it 5 years and then you will see. i always keeps looking at infinity cars when i see them in the roads. 😉 and the new one is V6 but it give Hp as an V8. and its only enough that it has the VQ engine the winner 13 times in a row. since they launch this competition. 😎 you should be proud that you have an infinity. :mrgreen:

  10. 😛 Yes, and now importing to the Netherlands, Europe. Bye, bye BMW etc.

  11. Well done guys.
    U managed to get your hands on somegood news to chevy fans out there. I have to admit that my hands are shakin’ alreadyto have that much power in such a car.
    U can hear me sayin’ .. CSV CR8 please with a manual tranny .. 2 Go 😈
    Thanks again 4 the good stuff

  12. I buy new lumina ss last week I like it very much but i wish that i wait for CR8 so i can buy it.
    The price of the CR8 is 170 thousend in Saudi Arabia 👿

  13. I’ve seen these cars drive around the place (I drove past two yesterday) & I recommend you to drive one of these CR8’s (we call them Clubsport R8’s over here in Aus).

  14. :mrgreen: ??? ????? ?????

  15. Anyone know the price tag???

  16. when the frigg are they guna come out in the US. cause ive owned a chevy lumina for years and it was been the best car in the whole world its a 1990 and just got onto 80,000 miles she still runs like she was driven off the lot…and id like to own the newer version to show all the fags out there that said i was gay for driving a lumina that my car can beat their asses! :mrgreen:

  17. facking cooooo0ooooooool
    i like it
    😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎

  18. this car not good iam race this car befor 1 week in my bmw m5 2009 and iam win in 3 time this car not good trust me all body



  20. hey guyz ……plz infrom me about lumina 2011 do anybody have any information about the new model ?? thnxx

  21. i live in the US is there any way possible i can get this car !!! i would love this car sooo muchh ! does it really cost like $150,000!? idk if my parents would get that but yeaa to muchh !!
    im 17 and instead of a bMW i would love this car :))) its soo frickn cool :))

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