Mazda MX-5 to be unveiled in Dubai

Mazda MX-5 to be unveiled in Dubai


This is great news. For the first time ever, Mazda has contacted us for a press conference. It seems Mazda has finally taken the initiative and is launching the MX-5 roadster, also known as Miata in USA, in the GCC on October 22. The MX-5 is the best sports car in its class. Available abroad as a ragtop convertible or a folding-hardtop convertible, it remains to be seen what engines and body-styles are offered in this region.


In Europe, the car is offered with a 126 hp 1.8-litre or a 160 hp 2.0-litre four-cylinder, with manual or automatic. These cars were never about speed, but about excellent handling good enough to take down Porsches in curves.


It also has an unfortunate reputation for being a favourite of fashion-conscious women, just like the Mini. However, if Mazda keeps the price under Dhs 90,000, this car will be a massive hit here. Don’t expect us to review it anytime soon though. Mazda has never given out cars to the press for as long as we existed.

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  1. looking ok car.
    i dont like much πŸ˜›

  2. bah, considering mazda’s reputation for bringing in the least powerful engines to UAE, expect this car to have the 100bhp engine from the mazda 3. forget taking a porsche in the curves, it might not be able to take on a yaris :mrgreen:

  3. it’s not’s really cool when u drive it. 😐

  4. Like I said before, 2008 Nissan Z has more power. 327 hp GROSS

  5. its a great news that world’s best selling sports car is commin to uae roads….i have been to the mazda showroom few days back and they said only hard top version is commin to uae and price is around 105000..

  6. So, you (Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury) got Galant for a test drive in July, Was the A/C good or bad?

  7. Author

    Thanks for the heads-up Zao. Assassin, my review says the Galant a/c was excellent.

  8. HI Mashfique ! did u go for the Galadari press conference? Is it 2.0 ltr or 1.8 ltr? Does it have a auto transmission with paddle shift?

  9. Author

    I was busy so I skipped the press conf. They sent me a long press release which, funnily enough keeps bragging about the roof, and no mention of engine or gearbox. I am trying to contact them now for more info.

  10. there is a mistake in 2007 QX56, the tire is 265/70R18, not 275/70R18 as you said.

  11. well maybe the tester came in that tire size…according to infiniti website it is 275/60R20

  12. Author

    It turns out azz is right. 265/70-18 for 2007, 275/60-20 for 2008. Mix-up there. But send me an email to point out mistakes!

  13. OK,
    But what is you e-mail?

  14. Author

    Just send any message by clicking CONTACT US in the menu and thru

  15. Just tell me why this 2.0 (160hp) car costs 106500 Dhs. πŸ™
    Honda S2000 is much better in every way.

  16. and the lancer evo is better than this and the s2000 :mrgreen:

  17. 😈 oh..EVO slays everything in its price!

  18. yeah, Evo is the best, but turbo engine makes annoyance

  19. πŸ˜† its nice car but very expensive 90000 aed.but the this mazda engine afford turbos and nitrous so someone likes more speed can modifi their car.

  20. it is not 90000 dhs in here
    i went to its showroom and they told me it’s 106500 dhs

  21. Gents! I checked the car out on Saturday. It comes with a 2.0ltr(non turbo), 166hp(net) engine with a 6 speed manual gearbox. The dealer is bringing only one model, which comes fully loaded – 7 speaker Bose sound system, Front and side airbags, cruise and audio controls on the steering etc. Although the price, i.e. AED107000, seems high(most will feel so ’cause it’s a ‘Mazda’; it should not be judged this way) it is still justified given the options provided, the roof it has and most importantly the type of car. I can bet every penny I’ve got that it is impossible to find, in the UAE atleast, a competent roadster for such a price. Mashfique is right in saying this car isn’t about outright speed but all about driving pleasure. And yes, it can give some of the so called super cars a run for their money in the handling stakes.

    This car has been judged ‘World’s Best Roadster/Sports car’ for years now and any one who has driven one will know why.

    I’m so looking forward to the test drive. I’ve been asked to call back next Saturday. Maybe I’ll be able to report on this car before Mashfique does…heheheh πŸ˜‰ Mashfique any chances of joining your band of merry testers? πŸ™‚

  22. Author

    Thanks for the info, Ray. The PR peeps for Mazda are giving me the runaround regarding the specs, just like they always do. A space among our testing “team” should open up sometime in 2015, when I become rich and retire. 😎

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