Ford launches Mondeo and others in GCC

Ford launches Mondeo and others in GCC


We were invited to the launch of four new Ford models yesterday. These included the Ford Mondeo and the Lincoln MKZ, with a relaunch of the Mercury Milan. Also launched were the Ford Five Hundred and Mercury Montego twins, but these cars were not displayed at the dinner event.

Before munching on the free food, we checked out the cars visually, and I have to say that they are a massive step up from the Ford 4WD range. All the three displayed cars had soft-touch interior materials inside, and the Ford Mondeo looked stunning both inside and out. If they actually sell the Mondeo at a lower price than the Japanese, Ford will easily sell these cars to showroom visitors without even a test drive (assuming they don’t screw up the marketing). The Mondeo only comes in liftback body style for now.

We won’t get to drive these cars for a full review anytime soon, but to be fair to Ford, they offered us a seat on yet another press trip to Fujeirah today in these cars. Considering how little I learned in the last Honda trip, how tedious the long drive was, and how sick (with a cold) I am feeling right now (with countless more events to visit before the auto show), I passed on the idea.

More info on these cars later, when I feel better.

Update: The Ford Mondeo will be available in sedan, liftback and wagon body styles, with 2.0-litre and 2.3-litre four-cylinder engines.

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  1. Hi,

    Just curious to know whatz liftback body?? Also would like to advice TC of your health…


  2. Author

    Liftback is one that looks almost like a sedan but the back lid opens like a hatchback (with the rear window and all). Like how the Mazda 6 “sport” and many sports cars have.

  3. very uncool car;useless 😥 🙁

  4. any idea what engines are offered and what is the price?

  5. MR. mash. i have a question about the parkingbrake of the new nissan altima. please i need your answer ASAP. if i put the car on the “D” and i didnt release the parking brak. the car will move or not(even if slowly). please i need to check that only in the new altima not even in the old. if you know any one who have it, please ask him. because i want to be sure. 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐

  6. Author

    You just have to press the pedal in firmly. If it still moves, then don’t worry about it too much. Just a weak parking brake drum, but you shouldn’t keep the car stopped in D with parking brake anyway in traffic.

  7. no you see what happened. is that i think that i forgot to release the parking brake once. and i just want to test it. although the computer gives you a warning “release the parking brakes”,but i was with my friends and i didnt see the warning(as i think) and the sound of the stereo was very high :mrgreen: 😉

  8. i know that if the system was ok, then even when the car at D and you didnt release the parking brake , the car should not move, but when i did this the car was moving slowly, but i think i didnt press the pedal firmly. 😐 , when i took it to the service i will let them check the wire and the brake pads(they are disks not drums) :mrgreen:

  9. Author

    Yeah, you probably wore out the DRUMS a bit. You see, the parking brake works on the drums which are at the centre of the rear disc brakes. Not a big issue if it still keeps the car still when parked, and the service centre will probably say nothing is wrong, unless they want to take some of your money.

  10. tab OK, give me a test that i can make sure that i did some thing to the system 😐

  11. Author

    Well mohamad, you just tested it yourself so you know you did something. 😉 As I said, not a huge issue if the car doesn’t roll away in Neutral.

  12. man, thanks god,(my imagination was not right), just i went down and test it again but i pressd the pedal firmly. and that was the problem as i think (the word firmly). and i put it on D and even R and the car didnt move an inch. :mrgreen: 🙂

  13. Author

    Hehe. I hate foot-operated parking brakes.

  14. wallahe i hate them tooo, but i think it saved space in the center console, but the problem is that you might forget them, thats why they are adding this warning to the computer, because they knew that some people are not used to it. looool

  15. heyy guyzzz…went for the motorshow today and checked out the new Mondeo….Man they’ve turned tat car into a mini-Lexus!!!! Itz awesome.!!..Stunning looks both inside and out as Mash had said !!…I drive a Mondeo Trend 2.0L, the 2006 model!..God, what a difference!!…And now instead of that slow 2.0L engine mated to a shit 4-speed auto transmission, they are now offering a 2.3L engine mated 2 a 6-speed auto transmission, whch shud b enuf to make it reach the levels set by itz japanese rivals!! the base 2.3L costs arnd 65000 dhs, which is sort of high for a Ford, tho it has a lot many options for the price! nywayz, I wonder how the performance, handling & comfort of the car would be..

    hey Mash..Cant w8 for itz road review man..I’m waiting! 🙂

  16. The new Ford mondeo looks so stunning…planning to get one..any idea when it will be available in Qatar and price?

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