2008 Toyota Land Cruiser in UAE

2008 Toyota Land Cruiser in UAE


The 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser was launched in the UAE today. Engine choices include a 4.7-litre V8, a 4.0-litre V6 and a 4.5-litre turbodiesel V8. The 5.7-litre V8 found in the US-spec model will not be offered in the GCC.

The 4.7-litre V8 is upgraded from the older version, with 271 hp and 410 Nm. Offered with a 5-speed automatic.

The 4.0-litre V6 is taken from the Prado, with 240 hp and 376 Nm. Offered with a 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic.

The 4.5-litre turbodiesel V8 comes with 217 hp and 430 Nm for the 5-speed manual version, or with 232 hp and 615 Nm for the 6-speed automatic version.

Features include 17-inch alloy or steel wheels, smart key, start/stop button, optional parking sensors, multi-information display, optional cooler box, three rows of seats, optional four-zone climate control and optional leather, among other items.


Prices range from Dhs 134,000 to Dhs 248,000 at launch.

For the latest local prices, specs and fuel economy info, visit the Toyota Land Cruiser buyer guide.

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  1. Hi All ,

    I had been to Toyota floor in the motor show. I saw LC covered… I guess they have LC and Corolla as new models for display.

    I saw a huge monitor with less resolution on GM floor.

    Chinese Brands like Cherry.. GO Now have made their presents…

    Mash I saw Renault Logan will it be launch in this market????

    Hyundai is bringing some football player , he will entertain people with his skills

    BMW and Merc have sexy babes around…

    All the brands are working hard setting stuffs.Guys there are free parking just opposite to the Zabeel Hall entrance…

    So lets all welcome Motor Show 07


  2. i dont like back shape of new land cruiser.. why this car looks bad?? 😳

  3. really whats wrong with that dealer, he removed every thing that makes the car more lux. and even he will not bring the 5.7 engine. really am so sad. 😡

  4. the dealer wants to make different between Lexus LX and Landcruiser by keeping 5.7 for lexus

  5. dont worry u will soon get the US spec 5.7 ltr LC from aweer car market…..i am sure all those power thirsty ppl would go for that……

  6. why???. assassin did they launch the lexus LX 570 here in UAE and if not, will they???. and Zao what i know from my friends is that the prices there is higher slittly than the normal price, espiecally when the dealer is not offering the model in the country, and the worst thing is the warranty, except if you make a contract with the dealer, but you have to pay more :neutral:. but the car is nice from inside but from outside its really ugly from the back, espically with the spare in the back (the above picture 🙄 ) .

  7. be sure that we will got LX57, nothing else. 😮

  8. even so, i think who is gonna buy landcruiser will not care about the power. and i know from your comments that you will hate landcruiser even if it is 8.1

  9. i just hope the 4.0 auto hits 100km/h in 10 to 10.5 seconds to be perfect for me.

  10. looooooooooooooool 😆

  11. but some people love power more than lux, thats why he should lunch it here.

  12. and i dont hate it but iam not going to buy that kind of cars (patrol, LC,GM for example). i cant afford the oil consumption for them.
    but really its a nice car, but as i said before the back side makes it ugly 😕

  13. still looks boring;buy YUKON cause it is better,mechanically and price wise. 😡

  14. i think they should have kept the 4.5 intead of moving to 4.0ltr….and 4.7 V8 with more power isnt a bad deal as its gonna be much better in fuel consumption than a 5.7ltr V8..

  15. yeah its true when u look from behind the new LC sucks…..

  16. i like nissan petrol super safri is the best option to buy… land cruiser very bad ass.. 😳

  17. well..tis LC looks like the designers made it by stretching out a rav 4 sideways 😛

  18. every one hate this new model so who gonna buy this ugle monster??? 😳

  19. i agree with vivek.. and the back of the brown LC looks alien

  20. i want to know about diesel engine. what is good for? and why nobody takes it?

  21. Assassin, in Europe people buy the diesel to save money on petrol. No idea why they bring a diesel to the Gulf though 😛 Everyone can afford petrol.

    The front looks great, but the back….what happened there!? Start/Stop button sounds cool 😛 But the pricing increased…

  22. I nevr expected this from Toyota. Espsially from Land cruiser. I would SUrely prefer GMC SUV’s. They are far better. As Toyota is showing its model, I am sure after few days many people won’t even be knowing about Toyota.Such worst shapes are coming up.I hate them. It looks like a man with sterchted eyes and a big nose.
    The old model of LC was ausome.I would Congratulate the designer of LC 2007. .

    I have started hating Toyota !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😳 😥 👿

  23. wat the??? landcruiser prado is much much better than this now they bot have same engines 4.0…n + prado got far much better shape than this sucky station SUV

  24. hey mash, just estmate and tell us the lc 4.0 and 4.7 from 0 to 100kph
    i cant wait any more

  25. Author

    Already did. Since Toyota didn’t release specs for the petrol engines, I had to estimate. Keep in mind that although power has gone up, weight has also gone up. The automatic diesel engine (whose specs are available from Toyota UK) is the best one by far.


  26. nice diesel A/T model, but who cares about it

  27. nice car and nice looks and nice options u people are stupid this is very nice i drove it and my heart remains in the land crusier its nice

  28. i agree with you sohi 🙂

  29. people of pakistan need corolla with sun roof,special low profile tires rims,16 or 17 size.company fitted dvd screen,wooper plus digital speed meter,? wat u say???

  30. guys i am looking for a toyota landcruiser v8 5.7 manual trans ….

    will i be able to find it or….

    and i have a nissan patrol 2006 for sale but modified ….
    fully modified with t51r turbo …
    i live in dubai …
    to contact me call


  31. 😳 This is amazing. This is one of the best Toyota Land Cruiser i have ever seen. Hope to know more. I like it. It’s fantastic indeed.

  32. Amir javanmard who one of my close friends is buy from this land cruiser & sikip shahare, sichip tamame shahrin mashinarinin ichina gada 😛

  33. biens model
    😛 😎

  34. plzz send me the price of LAND CRUISER 2008 GXR / VXR S/8 & S/6



  35. 😡 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😮 😥 😉 🙄 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 :mrgreen: 😐 😈 😯 🙂 😕 😎 👿 😀 🙁 BUY a LC, drive it,,,, and you’ll never use any other SEDAN car even if it is from TOYOTA. You know DEATH but you never taste it, but when you taste it you’ll never be able to tell any body,,,, take a ride on LC and you’ll see the difference,,, you are driving a CAR, not a CART. CU on LC 2009

  36. When u go land cruiser u will not be a loser, LC Rocks!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  37. 😯 i like landcruiser 2008 but very expensive and it very good car and strong car

  38. Thank you guys..sniff..means a lot to me

  39. Hi everybody,
    I like new land cruiser very much.
    Can anybody tell me the price of Lexus 570 and its difference with normal landcruiser.

  40. selam
    u car

  41. The brown LC is the diesel version. I don’t think people will by that as UAE has enough petrol for at least 50 million cars. The LC is good, but I hate Toyota when they put the DVD navigation(my favorite part of an SUV) only in the top trim, VX.R V8. I agree that the back of diesel LC sucks with a spare on the back like the Toyota Prado (not the top of the range)

  42. GX.R V6 Petrol-AED 190000
    GX.R V8 Petrol-AED 215000
    VX.R V8 Petrol-AED 250000

  43. Ilike this car Ineed this car in may home can yous halp me, sand me a price and Ilook for yous ask for you yous cont and put the maney there, contact me today Ineed this car naw.

  44. around the world toyota is no good,no better, but the best manifacture compney.they know the disirness of the peaple.so they invent the dimond among cool thats the land cruiser the fantastic gift cannot given by any one 😡 about LAND CRUISER

  45. just bought a 2nd hand 08 land cruiser vxr.
    brought it up the mountains and by the beach.fantastic! suspension awesome..like riding a car.

  46. I will surely go for the manual tranny 4.0ltr V6. I got a chance to drive it and it runs smooth. You feel like you are floating on the road. Loved the way it drives. Thought it sucked to the core the time i saw it but not once i drove it.

  47. mercedes benz nogood no better chachaw

  48. very very fast and also nice

  49. we really like the this cars, we need urgent price quotation and perform invoice,



  50. the best car i have ever seen on rods, Toyota Land cruiser V8.I am always dreaming to drive this car but I cant b/s I can’t afford it.so would you please make me drive my own v8.

  51. I just love it.it marks me a man when I drive it.

  52. snd some pics of prado vx, v6,v8 cygnus gxr and glx on my mailaddress.

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