World premiere for GMC Terrain in Dubai

World premiere for GMC Terrain in Dubai


The 2007 Middle East International Motor Show in Dubai played host to its very own “world premiere” by General Motors. The new vehicle is the 2008 GMC Terrain for the Middle East market. Of course, this new compact 4WD is already on sale in Europe as the Opel Antara.

Since I didn’t find a press pack during the GM trolley bag launch, I had to expertly photoshop the picture of the Opel version above. The softroader is largely based on the Korean-built Chevy Captiva, so we expect similar engine options. It rounds off the GMC line-up perfectly, since the expensive Acadia is too large for most people.


Update: Shown below is a photo of the actual GMC Terrain from the Dubai Motor Show.

For the latest local prices, specs and fuel economy data, visit the GMC Terrain buyer guide.

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  1. ROFLcopter @ the M$ Paint ‘GMC’ edit!

  2. not bad for a GMC 😐

  3. in dubai motor show slr 722 and bugati looks superb and owsome… 🙂

  4. Expert photoshop skills 😉 I think it looks better than the Captiva, especially from the front. I hope the engine options are NOT similar, though.

  5. Hi MHC

    Well i need your expert advice on selecting a suitable SUV for myself, I looking forward fule economay, interior space and reliabilty. Considering GMC new models which are no doubt affordable but had major maintenace cost later on , how would you compare other japanese SUV like Rav 4, CRV and new Outlander?

    Once I was hooked to book T.blazer for me as its value for money but its bigger engine size is only a problem in days when fuel pricing is going up.

    I know SUV when compared to sedan has limited features in terms of comfort but for long drive and cross GCC visits SUV is only solution when you have to carry more lugguge and passengers.

    Looking forward your comaprisons of SUVs

  6. Author

    Rehan, if you want a cheap-to-maintain reliable SUV for road driving, just get one of the Japanese choices you mentioned. Specs are available in the buyer guide. All three are similar, and for a feeling of how they behave, just read the RAV-4 review.

  7. good idea i think this car will have some buyers

  8. if i get the gmc terrain brand new, its agency maintained and under warranty so no need to worry about expensive maintenance yes or no?

  9. Author

    You should be fine, since warranty will cover cost of parts if something goes wrong.

  10. will i have a MAJOR problem trying to sell it since im bank financing it. REALLY dont want to be stuck with a car i cant sell!

  11. last qn: if its not the gmc terrain and not the toyota rav4, wld u recommend 3 other models i can look at? classy, easy to re-sell, less than aed117k max. thks a bunch!

  12. Author

    Look at the CRV, Outlander and X-Trail.

  13. will i have a MAJOR problem trying to sell it since im bank financing it.

  14. The GMC Terrain at least is getting smaller but the question is what is its fuel consumption (the usual 17-19 MPG???). Why is it so hard to buy a hybrid car in the ME? 🙂

  15. plzzzz can i know how much does ur cost in lebanon with TVA and registration??? plz reply as soon as possible 1ox

  16. I love the looks of the new terrain. Can you get it in AWD? And like everyone else, what is the fuel mileage. I had and envoy and loved it, traded it for a new trail blazer and hate it, and would like to get back into a compact style envoy. The terrain might be exactly what I am looking for. Also, what is the price range? I love the body style and grill, will this vehicle look like this when it hits the US?

  17. I like to have Detailed Specifications for GMC Terrain Car and price. How long it takes to get the car after ordering

  18. i want to sell my gorgeous! slk 200 (2007 model)tellurium blue exterior and interior seat colour. whats the best way to sell it besides gulf news and dubizzle?

  19. plzzzz can i know how much does ur cost in lebanon with TVA and registration??? plz reply as soon as possible 10x

  20. hi
    it looks nice how much is it in saudi arabia? plz let me know

  21. i am playing to have one 2008 gmc terrain in 2010, its avialble , zero meter, worth 88k,. is a wise option. i would not like to resail, but would like to spend no much on maintenace.

  22. i bought a terrain 2008 model im on 2500kms now,i can hear some noise on my front wheel right sde when im turning to left,im suspecting something is wrong with the axel the spareparts and maintenance covered by the warranty??? tnx

  23. Pls, Advice me

    I found one Model 2008 Zero KM.
    full options
    with 75000 sr

    is it a good price?
    today is 28/11/2010
    [email protected]

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