Infiniti reveals three new models in GCC

Infiniti reveals three new models in GCC


Infiniti revealed three new models for the GCC market. Making their debut only a day before the Dubai Motor Show, the new cars are the G37 Coupe, the EX35 compact crossover and the M35 midsize luxury sedan.

The G37 Coupe is powered by an upgraded version of the G35 engine, with a 330 hp 3.7-litre V6, rear-wheel-drive and a five-speed automatic with paddles, although Western markets get a six-speed manual. Sad, but it looks great nevertheless.

The EX35 is a sleek compact “crossover” 4WD with sporty handling, a 297 hp 3.5-litre V6, all-wheel-drive and a five-speed automatic. First shown as a concept some months ago, tt looks excellent inside and out, but is seriously cramped in rear space and cargo room. It will come here in March.

The M35 is simply an entry-level version of the V8-powered M45. Differing only in engine, it is powered by a 275 hp 3.5-litre V6, with rear-wheel-drive and a five-speed automatic.

All three cars feature tons of options such as leather, Bluetooth, reverse camera, intelligent key, navigation, xenon headlights and more. The EX35 even has “around-view” cameras, so even a guy who bribed his way to a license can park it.

What do you think?



  1. nice and superb car i love infinti.. i wish i buy ex35 its looks cool… :mrgreen:

  2. now, this is the new generation on infiniti cars and its sex. :mrgreen: loool. really the G37 is so sexy, man my sister is going to buy the G37 or the M35. but what are the pices mash????. please, the Full option of every one.

  3. i prefer the fx35 shape over the ex35 😕 but the interior in the ex35 looks better

  4. Dont know about the M but the G37 apparently will start at 180k AED

  5. really nice cars from infiniti;but the best is the FX 35 and the new G37 coupr.bravo infiniti,u r better than lexus these days.i hope u stay like this.

  6. what is the price for ex35 any idea

  7. The M35 is impossible, I saw it in the motor show. It will hit the roads and Lexus soooo baadly.

  8. please mash, can you tell us about the prices of each one. and if they will bring the G37S here too or not??? 🙂

  9. Author

    As someone else said, I think the G37 price is 180k. The EX35 is undecided, but it should be between 140k or 160k. All G35 models are the S version (but with auto only), so the G37 should be similar.

  10. OMG 😯 , 180K, its more than the G35 By 40K. what you mean is that what we see in the roads is the S version (but without the letter S in red next to the name :mrgreen:) thats nice 😉 and what about the M35??? 😕

  11. i think that the increase is because of the material also, many people complain about the cheap material inside when the price was 140. NOW, PEOPLE YOU WANT REAL CARS!!!!, TAKE THIS, the price is 180K, looooooooooool 😆

  12. the 2008 G35 (4-doors) is more expensive than 2007 G35 by 25000 dhs, which means 155000 dhs. because of GPS and bluetooth.

  13. guys, good morning 🙂
    have a look at this monster and those new images
    just open this link and scroll down :mrgreen:

  14. and dont forget the shape changed also 😉
    am i right 🙂

  15. the GT-R is shortcuts of three words, Gays Teem Racing.
    Am I rihgt

  16. what do you mean (Gays Teem Racing) 😐

  17. what i ment is, racing car nowadays is too easy to drive even kids can drive and go fast, because of providing tons of safety systems which we didn’t have it in our generation (in 1960’s). For example, the power of 1967 Shelby GT500 was 500 hp whithout any safty features, even the tires was not wide enough, just the professional divers can drive it like me. I hate driving new racing cars, because i dont feel 100% free

  18. EX35 looks pretty ugly, but I’m looking forward to the other two! Especially the G37.

  19. I was amazed from Mazda cx 9

    It is a pitty they do not put Nav and blutooth but still for 118K they are selling a nice package
    I will rate interior much better than Murano or Acadia

    M35 has lots of option and was quoted as 175K
    However the outside appearance of the car is not striking and the rear is strange

    Bmw were playing big and most of their cars were locked.

  20. LowRider . but, what you see nowadays is perfect, espically the offerd technology. and i dont think that any one hate to have this technology in his car, except you :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  21. this is for those who like to see this sexy monster G37 :mrgreen: 😆

  22. I think nissan Z is more sportier than G37 because Z is lighter and got brombo brakes.

  23. man of course the Z is better. just by some mod. to it and you will beat the other compit.

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