UAE sort of starts car manufacturing

UAE sort of starts car manufacturing


A Dubai-based engine manufacturer today announced plans to be the UAE’s first mass producer of automobiles. Except that there isn’t really a market for its cars in this country.

Within 2008, Praktiko plans to establish a production facility in Dubai Investment Park, with output expected to potentially reach millions of low budget ‘smart cars’, named Tiger Kubs, for export primarily to the Indian Sub-continent and Africa.

Speaking at the Dubai Motor Show, Massoud Khodjasteh, managing director of PRAKTIKO GT, explained how his uniquely low budget cars will create hundreds of new jobs and open up a completely new sector in the UAE.

Apparently they want to compete with the Indians in creating the “1 Lakh” car, which means a target price of 100,000 rupees (Dhs 9,333) for a new car.

Over the next six months Praktiko will be manufacturing and distributing the Biland SA250 engine, originally developed for the Swatch Car, which will be adjusted and re-branded as the Layland SA250. This will be the first complete automotive engine produced in the UAE, with engine sales initially targeting the kart racing industry.

They expect to price it below Mercedes-Benz’s Smart ForTwo, but then again, the Smart already costs way more than “1 Lakh.” The lightweight Tiger Kub also is expected to offer a performance comparable to the Volkswagen Beetle in terms of weight-to-performance ratio, but again we’re not sure which version of the Beetle they are referring to.

We’re a bit confused already, but good luck to them anyway.

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  1. I’m looking forward to get (MADE IN UAE) cars. 🙂

  2. yalla, nice at the end one of the arabic countries, go uae go 😉

  3. Is the engine optional?

  4. Engine is free with the body 😯

  5. Hello,

    as a fan of very small cars I´m very interested in more informations about that micro car from the UAE.

    Best regards and Wasalam

    Manfred Backhausen

  6. Dear editor,
    Nice to read the news a light vehicle in heavy town.
    I tried to search the contact details of PRAKTIKO GT but couldn’t succeed, will you please help me out to find these people?
    With Regards

  7. Goodluck to everyone involved.Hopes this will create more jobs in the future,

  8. Mashallah, tabarakallah, subhanallah!!!
    well done UAE, may Allah bless you, leaders and people. wishing you the very best and praying for you and all our muslims ummah. Ameen.
    long live UAE!
    wal salam aleikum.
    Dr Amina Williams.

  9. Wow, please make many pink and purple and red and yellow also.

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