Car-Of-The-Year awards are a farce

Car-Of-The-Year awards are a farce


I am currently being bombarded by press releases from carmakers touting their Something-Of-The-Year awards handed to them at a glittering ceremony by CAR Middle East magazine. And I am trashing them as soon as I receive them.

It becomes blatantly obvious how ridiculous these awards are when the expensive Mini becomes ‘Best Small Car of the Year’ and the ultra-expensive Aston Martin Vantage becomes ‘Car of the Year.’ Most of their other choices are equally absurd high-dollar models from Rolls Royce, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Any award that doesn’t take value-for-money into account is a joke.

In a month of two, I’ll be bombarded again by winners of awards from Middle East Car and Autocar Middle East, both being even bigger jokes than the one above. My trash bin is overflowing already.

What do you think?



  1. Best Small Car of the Year : Tiger Kub (

    Best Luxury Car of the Year : BigFoot (

    Best Sports Car of the Year : Maybach 62 Landaulet (

    Best SUV of the Year : BigFoot again

    Car of the Year : AMG tuned Mercedes Benz (

  2. Well, they are as good an award as the ones Etisalat get for being the best telecom company around. And then you have an Etisalat company going, “oooh, Etisalat is the best company around because they make the highest profit amoing any telecom company”

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