So we got the new Nissan Xterra

So we got the new Nissan Xterra


Yep, I suddenly remembered the trio of 4WDs that Nissan unveiled here, and figured I should try out some of them. So I just picked up this Xterra (having waited for an hour for it at the showroom after some potential “customer” stole the test car for longer than he was supposed to have it). It is a very basic truck that does exactly what it advertises — off-road prowess with none of the fluff.

The interior is hard and cheap, and the exterior has no chrome or metal-look nonsense. The engine is strong enough and the tyres are suitably beefy. And while the roof sports a stylised rack, there are no sissy side-steps.

Let’s see where this one can take us.

What do you think?



  1. hello
    please you gave me in information about land curiser 2008 black.

  2. i think they should reshape the whole interior because they changed the interior of all nissan cars except this one(from inside it looks like the old altima espically the sound system). but as i think that the interior should be hard because its more muscular than being a lux:wink: car. “you should treat it like animals” :mrgreen:

  3. as we are reading about nissan, i will ask a question and i know its a silly and stupid question. does the Altima have a chassis underneath it. because one of my friends told me that it does not has that thing. although what i know that if the chassis was dameged you cant pass the test for the ownership thing. and that is really stupid. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  4. he told me that there is a guy who is working there told him that, but i dont believe him. what i know is that the chassis is the base for every car 😐

  5. Author

    Every car does have a “chassis.” I even argued with a daft Mitsubishi manager over this about the Pajero (who also wrongly said the old Outlander does not have a Lancer platform). The only difference is that the Pajero and the Altima have the chassis as one piece with the frame of the body, so the entire thing is called a unibody. Some 4WDs like the new Pathfinder and many GMCs have body-on-frame construction, where the frame and the chassis are separate pieces.

  6. does this thing affect the safty of the car 😕

  7. Author

    You worry too much, my friend. Every sedan on the market is unibody nowadays.

  8. Heard the Xterra is a really powerful offroader at a good price..waitin to hear your reviews 🙂

  9. heyy Mashh..stilll waitin for the Xterra’s review 🙂

  10. I saw one today…It’s much bigger than i thought! Looks like an excellent off-roader

  11. its fast 0-100 in 7.1 thts faster than a range rover sport HST

  12. 7.1? 😕 where did you get that from? 😕

  13. Author

    Yep, our test model is unusually fast. I did a brake-torque launch, like a drag racer. It’s probably the quickest time the Xterra has EVER got in any test.

  14. hmm still 7.1 sounds too good to be true 😕 probably the speedo is off by a larger than usual margin? 😕

  15. 😆 i think that cb is mad because a 100K muscular car is faster than his Fx35 loool. dont worry cb, just pray, maybe they will bring the 45 version here. and those results are right(it has the same engine as the pathy but its lighter by about 200 Kg which is too much. nice car for those people who treat their cars in a badway(which mean for men of course).
    now mash am waiting for the new altima. am sure the acc. times changed alot. pray for me guys, i have a heat transfer exam today 😥

  16. mash what did you mean when U said “brake-torque launch”
    you push the gas pedal a littile bit while applying the brakes (am i right) 😕

  17. Author

    Yes, mohamed. The brake is fully pressed while the accelerator is pushed a fair bit in. And cbling, the Xterra engine really was weird. I took off and then it built speed so quickly at higher rpm that I knew the time was going to be very low. Since Xterra and FX are built by Nissan, both should have similar margins of error in the speedo (if not broken).

  18. Finaly (after five years) we got V6 SUV can go faster than Prado,

  19. hi

    i looking for a reliable jeep for quite some time and confused in selecting brand and model. As my budget is around AED 100,000 ( thanks for financing). What 4X4 would you recommend considering long term value for money, maintenance cost and re-sale value.

    If you have to rate following jeeps how would you rank them;

    Toyota Prado
    Mitsubishi Pajero
    Nissan Pathfinder ( new shape)
    Mitsibishi Outlander ( new model which is due in 2008)


  20. what do you meant when you said after 5 years??? 😐
    there are many suvs that are much much faster than the prado. but the problem is what to look at and what to look for.
    and of course what you meant is the 3 doors :mrgreen:
    and not the slow 5 doors.

  21. in case of offroad (pajero)
    in case of what you want prado
    in case of power pathy
    the outlander (i dont know).
    my opinion :mrgreen:

  22. Hey rehan,
    I dont recomend any of these SUVs, because you will spend much money for petrol in Toyota Prado, Mitsubishi Pajero, Nissan Pathfinder, as i heared the petrol stations in UAE will increase amount of petrol from 6.25 p/g to be arround 12 dhs p/g in2008 or 2009. and the running cost of outlander is not impressive. So, i thing you should look for 2008 Rav4 😀 which even Mash said the ride quality of Rav is better than a car like Camry.

  23. mashling, thats why i said larger than usual margin…anyways thats very impressive although shouldn’t the peak torque come in at a lower rpm for a pure offroading vehicle?

  24. Author

    well cbling, this is the problem with engines that come straight from cars. But at least they tried to increase the 3.5 G35 engine to 4.0 for a natural torque increase. Engines like the Jeep 4.7 V8 and the Land Cruiser 4.8 V8 are purpose-built for torque and off-roading.

  25. Hey that’s(mohammed). dont you think 215/55R17 tire size is not wide enough for a 270 hp nissan altima, i can’t belive that nissan corporation didn’t change the size for the new altima. 😳 , which means there is very big different in stability between it and G35 as i think

  26. :mrgreen: and i want to tell you that i’ve canciled booking of nissan patrol since they noticed me the new shape is comming next year. 😐

    then i saw the new altima in the street and i :mrgreen: love :mrgreen: it so much, can you tell me how CVT works? is it better than normal A/T gear?

    looking for your reply> 😮

  27. Author

    CVT does not use gears like an automatic gearbox. To put it simply, it uses what looks like a bunch of rubber bands to keep the engine in its best rpm. Since there are no gears to shift, there is no jerking of shifting gears, and fuel economy is also better. It just feels weird driving it since it feels like the car is stuck in one “gear.”

  28. as what mr mash said it has an infinitly gear ratios. its main parts are a belt and two pullys there are no gears at all or even clutchs for every gear. the two pullys contract and expand in a way to change the gear ratio depending on the rpm. as what mash said you will feel at
    the begaining its so strange, but the most queit gear in all of them there are no shocks at all or even you will not feel the changing between the gears(and previously that was a problem in nissan cars)for example the nissan sunny you feel the shock if you are acc in a high rpm and the old altima you feel some shock if you was acc at a low rpm. and that was solved by that thing and even if you didnt warm the car(the oil didnt warm up). and also the cvt is much better than the norma AT in offroad use. 😉 and its much better in case of acc too. if you give it a kick down as i did and saw, the rpm stays at the highest level to keep the car at its peak torque, because the normal gears keeps they have a problem called “lag”. that happens when the trans. shifts between the gears but the CVT doesnt have this problem. and the thing that i like it too much in it it has tiptronic for 6 ratios which is good for the engine and the topspeed of the car. 😉

  29. this is the best video for the difference between the CVT and the AT
    i hope you will have some benifit 😉

  30. mash, how are you man??? whats your name today??? 😆

  31. Author

    My name? I remain the same man.

  32. are you sure loooooooooool 😆 😉

  33. what are you talking about? lol

  34. some people when they want to make a joke they ask you whats your name today???? loool :mrgreen:

  35. my birthday was on november 9 (i turned 21)and i was looking at a nissan xterra for my birthday! what you guys think . . .

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