Abu Dhabi speeders for free cleaning

Abu Dhabi speeders for free cleaning


Speeding in Abu Dhabi may lead to jail-time and confiscation of vehicles as the Traffic and Patrol Division of the AD Police is apparently cracking down on reckless drivers. Warning that strict measures have been put in place to arrest such motorists, the police said some of the drivers go up to dangerous speeds of 200 kph. But more importantly, those caught driving dangerously will now have to spend one day cleaning the roads and another day cleaning a school. They will also spend one week in prison.

Vehicles may be confiscated for up to a week. A team of traffic police officers have been engaged to continuously monitor the streets and enforce the rule.

While I have no issues with people doing 200 being arrested, I hope the punishment is dished out with better judgement. I wouldn’t want to spend a week in jail for doing 130 on a 120 road. And I sure as hell hope they apply the law equally to all.


What do you think?



  1. equality for all? whats that???

  2. he means he hopes there is no…lets say racism in choices. For example, they wouldn’t arrest an Emirati going 130 on 120 while they arrest an expat for doing the same.

    Anyway, what a weird rule :S

  3. did the gallardo driver in the pic really get pulled over for a traffic offense or do the cops just want to take a closer look at a pimped out lambo?
    hahhaha apply the law equally to all, Mash your funny :mrgreen:

  4. Its pretty apparent that this particular law will never be applied equally. What is disheartening is when some actually justify that by saying, “well its their country, why should the law apply to them?”

  5. 👿
    whats the speed limit in this suckin rule
    and 4 what else dis punishment is given ?????

  6. Hypocracy. I’d like the Abu Dhabi police to try and get a fellow emarati, to clean up a school. If they do, it’ll probably be the first time they would’ve seen what a school looks like……………..C**TS !!!!

  7. I was never caught while driving 237 Km/H from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. 😎

  8. there is such rule of cleaning but u can get caught on radars n will have pay heavy fines and ur car will only be confiscated while some police or cid(plain clothe cops) watches u doing dangerous drifting or cutting on the roads otherwise they will not interfere the radars will do their jobs on high speeders,

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