2009 Mercedes Benz CLC-Class unveiled

2009 Mercedes Benz CLC-Class unveiled


Mercedes-Benz has officially unveiled a new compact addition to their line-up. It is called the CLC-Class, and is basically a 3-door hatchback that is marketed as a “sports coupe.” And if the car seems too familiar to you, that’s because it already existed long before the CLC badge was conceived.


The CLC is essentially the last-generation C-Class Sports Coupe, except with a new front end, a slightly new rear end, and a mildly updated interior. It therefore does not benefit from the new-and-improved 2008 C-Class chassis, but the newly-separated classes will share engines and gearboxes. The new car also seems to have lost its trademark extra rear window slit between the tail-lights of its exceptionally large behind.


Engines include a 143 hp supercharged 4-cylinder in the CLC 180 Kompressor, a 184 hp supercharged 4-cylinder in the CLC 200 Kompressor, a 204 hp V6 in the CLC 230, and a 272 hp V6 in the CLC 350. A six-speed manual is standard in all models, while options include a five-speed automatic in the 4-cylinder models and a seven-speed auto in the V6 models.


A sports package adds extras such as 18-inch light-alloy wheels, wide-base tyres, headlamps with black inner surrounds, sports suspension with lowered body, leather sports steering wheel and dark brushed aluminium trim elements.

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  1. No matter what they do in design people will always perceive MBs as luxury cars rather than sports cars. Unlike BMW

  2. this car is so girly,i’ll never think of buying it.imagine,it sells the same price with the corvette.

  3. Ouch, what were MB thinking? The front looks good, but the profile reminds me of a toyota echo and the taillights are horrible. No dual-exhaust? :mrgreen: no CLC63 AFAIK 😕 Interior remains classy though

  4. wow! looks like a cross between a C Class and an echo or something…ouch…guess they have some new openings coming up in Mercedes Benz Design Studios…hey Mash how do we get our resumes out there 😆

  5. ever noticed why MB ignores the C Class so much…it shud b their biggest money spinner…considering the volume of cars sold..but they tend to ignore it on the quality front…take a look at the steering wheel…that itself gives a bad picture…had checked out the C63 AMG and it doesnt feel any better…wud still stick to my 350Z any day 🙂

  6. 😆 ha! looks like a ferocious sports car from the front but as soon as 1 takes a look at the back,one does nothing but laugh !

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