Our latest crude compilation made public

Our latest crude compilation made public


The latest edition of our cruddy videos, showing off our pathetic driving skills and even worse testing procedures. Yep, that’s Fast Cars for you.

The weird part is that it all appears worse than it should, thanks to our continuing use of a digital still camera to take moving videos.

Be advised though that we aren’t just randomly spinning tyres. Driving some of the cars to the limit shows us how much a car can handle at the extreme. However, we don’t abuse the cars for more than a minute or two, so not even the tyres were hurt too much in the making of this video.

Click here for the show!

What do you think?



  1. yes i agree , the videos are apalling!!! even i could do better with auto lumina S!!

  2. Author

    Sure you can.

  3. man thats cool
    but that thing was done when you was doing the test drive

    so what about the LS there is no test drive for it 😕
    whose car was this
    and can you tell me the location where those moves was done 🙂
    but in general really nice….waiting for more
    am waiting for the GTR in the future….hehehehe
    for sure you will burn not only the tires, but also the engine :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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