2009 Mitsubishi Galant for Chicago show

2009 Mitsubishi Galant for Chicago show


The late-entry V6 Galant may have just been released here, but the American market is already readying a facelifted replacement for the sleepy Mitsubishi midsizer, to be shown at the 2008 Chicago Auto Show next week. The front gets a minor facelift, but the rear is completely changed.


The model shown here is the Sport model, available with a 160 hp inline-4 and a 230 hp V6, both carryover engines from the existing version. America also gets a powerful Ralliart version, which will not come to GCC markets.


The interior has minor changes as well, but they are near-impossible to notice. Expect this car to reach GCC shores by summer of this year.

What do you think?



  1. V6 still needs to be stronger….but it looks much better

  2. even there are no controls on the steering

  3. i think the Galant sold right now looks way better from the rear than this one but here in qtar we dnt get the v6 only te 4 cylinder 🙁

  4. Now it is more Hyundayish style, sucks as its predecessor 👿
    Who can say that this is design made by man who designed 140 Mercedes S class body.

  5. Again , the aussie versions are better . galant is called the 380 here because of its engine size which is a 3.8 , heres how the new one looks http://www.dvg.com.au/images/newimages/tmr380/tmr3802.jpg

  6. hey ur right the aussie version looks much better and sportier, just wondering doesnt it look very similar to the Magna which Misubishi used to sell here…dont know about its availability now

  7. Magna is australian as well . In fact a lot of cars available in uae and middle east are australian design and built from group up . Toyota aurion , camry . Luminas , the new CSVs, magna , galant 380

  8. well im sorry to say but i still think that the galant Gts and the Ralliart looks better. This newer model looks more for the old people lol

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