Hyundai Sonata gets facelift for 2009

Hyundai Sonata gets facelift for 2009


The 2009 Hyundai Sonata will debut at the 2008 Chicago Auto Show, with a new front end, a small bump up in power, and a totally revised interior.

The new Sonata debuts with a choice of two motors that offer more power and fuel economy. The 2.4-litre inline-four now makes 175 horsepower and 229 Nm of torque with a new five-speed automatic. The 3.3-litre V6 gets a 15-hp upgrade, making 249 hp and 310 Nm of torque. Aside from the upgraded engines, Hyundai is also touting the Sonata’s improved handling and will be offering a sport-tuned suspension on the SE model.


Not as impressive as the upcoming Genesis, but the new interior is a huge improvement over the awful previous design.

What do you think?



  1. not bad 4 a 😎

  2. hyundai and kia, these two definitely know how to improve.

  3. please hyundai!! keep the same prices! don’t stray into the land of accords, camrys and altimas

  4. Dear Mr.hussain,

    Hai. I would like to take your help in selecting my car.I am presently in saudi arabia.

    I have 50000SR budget and i want to go for a SUV or hatchback.I can strecth my budget for another 10000SR.Presently I have seen
    Suzuki swift — 48000SR-full option
    hyundai tucson–55000 SR-4wd
    daihatsu terios–55000SR.
    yaris–1.3L-M/T-43000 SR.
    corrolla starts at 54000 SR.
    hyundai elantra-47000 SR full .
    Kia sportage–52000 SR
    I have plan for toyota FJ cruiser also.( I can strecth the budget for it) but as my requirement is for family ,i cancel that proposal for the time being.
    So which one would be a fun to drive and family car.I dont bother about the boot space much becz i use it rarely only.
    So plz give your views .I would like to know why there are not many Swifts in saudi /Is it the same in UAE also?
    Plz give your advice.

    Thanks ,

  5. OOps.I forgot to add Toyota Fortuner in my list.What is your opinion about it.Here they dont allow to test drive so i can not feel exactly how is the swift or terios in driving.I already experienced the Fortuner,corrolla,hyundai accent,Kia Sorento.

  6. hahaa nice one BNB, i think the interior is pretty impressive, the engines r prttey gd as well….it would be nice if we get the 3.3 in qatar

  7. OK, the car is fine and really good BUT, i want to know what about the safty is it the same, is it still bad, in my opinion, safty plays a very important rule in the car manu.
    mash give us your opinion 😉

  8. Author

    shameer, your range is too wide. Look more into the Kia Sportage V6, the Corolla 1.8 and the Elantra 2.0, for power, comfort and value.

    thatsit, Hyundai is a safe car in USA, with standard side and curtain airbags. It’s only here that they remove all those standard safety features from the basic models.

  9. hey what about the grand vitara?? that is a nice car. 🙂

  10. yeah, the grand vitara is great 🙂 one of the only SUVs in its range that can actually go offroad. and has excellent safety as well.

    In reply to thatsit, the sonata is very safe in the Americas, because they have like 6 airbags as standard.

  11. hey mash, is there any information about 2008 hummer h2 6.2L ?

  12. Author

    On my list of things-to-do. I’ve been out and about with the latest test car and the faraway supercar show.

  13. hey people, thanks for your response but what i meant is the body strength(or lets call it body manu.) for example, if you made an accident with a hyndai and the same accident with anther car but from the same type, there will be some differences(type on youtube car crash tests and compare). the problem of the dealer and the airbags is also happening with the nissan or toyota, so what i was asking is without the 6 airbags situation, is it still like japanese car(toyota or nissan)
    waiting for the answer :mrgreen:

    for those of you who are interested in the pricing (as i am), the above is a link to the price of the 2009 sonata. price increased, but still competes well with the japanese 😀

  15. hi peles sonata imege

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