So we got a Jaguar XKR

So we got a Jaguar XKR


I believe the borrowed car I am driving right now is the only new XKR I’ve ever seen on local roads. This was our ride to the Supercar Show in Abu Dhabi, although we went on the last day of the show simply because Jaguar postponed our date with the car. It’s interesting how this car made us feel invincible. Power to excite. Handling to break backs. And looks that make pedestrians stare at us like we are celebrities.

We were banned from running this car at the track (although we don’t have track access anyway), but we still managed to push its handling limits enough to figure out how this thing handles. Too bad we couldn’t run it against our M Roadster, because it is in need of some parts to become 100%, and the useless BMW does not sell the parts I need.

More on this car and the show later.


What do you think?



  1. really this car looks like a tiger from the front.
    the rings are so beautiful.

  2. lol still waiting 4 the aston 😉

  3. and still waiting for the tractor behind the XKR :mrgreen:

  4. oh u didnt know that mash test drives tractors too? cars are just his 2nd hobby

  5. assassin, loooooooooooooooool
    you are really funny :mrgreen:

  6. pretty pretty car.the tractor behind it is also cool.must be the Bugatti Tractor 16:4 😉

  7. Author

    It’s a Caterpillar bulldozer, damnit!

  8. bhp, 0-100, price etc?

  9. see, he is so interested in tractors, he even knows the make.when is its review coming out?what excited you most, Mash, was it the Presence or the DRIVE-THROUGH-A-BUILDING-AND-NOTHING-WLL-HAPPEN-TO-IT
    capabilties?? 😉

  10. cb: 400bhp. 0-100 in around 5 seconds 🙂 Fuel economy is 12l/100km, not bad!!

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