2009 Infiniti FX debuts in Geneva

2009 Infiniti FX debuts in Geneva


Debuting at the 2008 Geneva Auto Show, the 2009 Infiniti FX has been redesigned, with a new pair of engines to choose from.


The FX50 gets a new 390 hp 5.0-litre V8, while the FX37 gets a 300+ hp 3.7-litre V6. Both seem to be getting a new 7-speed automatic and all-wheel-drive.


The final specs are not ready yet, but available features include 21-inch wheels, real leather and wood trim, variable-damping suspension, adaptive lighting, intelligent cruise control and parking cameras on all sides.


What do you think?



  1. looks kewl….but no much diffrence as compared to the ear;ier model in case of looks…..

  2. OHHH MYY GOD,,,,,, (as if i was shocked)
    am telling you people,,no more bad stuff in infiniti..as i said… 7 speed trans. and much more…(and the most important thing is )reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllll leather(no more plastic thing to say and wood). lets see now the price(for sure more than 200k).
    people you asked for real car…then take this 😆 😆
    really better than porsche cayenne…not even lexus.

  3. variable-damping suspension 😯 😯 😯

  4. i cant close this window, it looks from the front like shark
    and the tail lights are sexy….hehehe
    check worldcarfans website for more photos 😎

  5. 😯 still i dont know what is a purpose of this car 😆 😆 . i aways get sick when i see any man driving this crossunder , but its ok, because they all look in same style, they always have i long hair and soft skin ( simply i just call them GAYS ). it nice from infiniti that to think about this groop of people 😆

  6. Assasin, I agree with you. It’s got power, but no offroading equipment. If anyone wants to go quickly in curves and straight lines, I think they are better off with the Corvette Z06 which is about the same price, and if not they can go with the Corvette C6.

  7. assassin, 😈 , it looks like you got jelous, hehe…i told you people, many things have changed and will change in the future..hehehe.
    Mr. saad…when you know what is the meaning of a crossover and why people buy it then come and add a comment.
    really something strange. and what is the relations between the Fx and the Corvette. 😕 😕

  8. by by lexus 😆 😆
    am waiting for the Q and the new infiniti that will be the same as the new patrol.

  9. very very impressive!! “parking cameras on all sides” wow 😀
    the interior looks fantastic
    as for the stick…

  10. I loved this car right from its first offering…If only there was more legroom in the back…*sigh*

  11. you are right ACE, i would rather buy this one instead of the murano if the legroom in the back was better. but lets see this new model, maybe they have improved the rear spaces abit.. 😉

  12. I dont understand why infiniti does this …..with both the FX and EX…they’re great looking fast cars..but no legroom.

  13. thatsit(mohamad). there are two cars in infiniti that make me feel jelous (g35, g37s) and i wanted to buy g35 before, but prefer to buy very big suv because we are a big family. inshlah mu next car is gonna be g37s or may be lexus IS350 (306hp)

  14. and im also waiting for both 2009 patrol and but there is Q45 in infiniti, i think the infiniti similar of nissan patrol will not called Q.

  15. i found this infirmation about lexus is350 in the dealer web http://www.lexus.com
    ( the IS 350 can go from 0 to 60 in 5.3 seconds)

    so it might take less than 6 second to go 100 kph.

  16. Sorry I got a bit carried away in my last comment. It does look awefully good but I still don’t understand the purpose of it.

  17. dear assassin,
    nice comment but first learn english then think to write something…

  18. it look nice…
    how much do you think the price is?

  19. Mohammed,
    i have my own language, and it is not your god damn business 😆 is this your web to make orders you bitch, and also, do you think it is polite to write this. whallah maskharah, some people love to get reviles.

  20. loooooooooooool 😀 😀

  21. Hey Mohammed, this is a site which is open to everyone, and you have no rights to comment on how someone gives a speech. This is an Automobiles site, not a ‘Speak English Properly’ website. Next time, please mind your words. And assasin, nice way of reacting bro. 😉

  22. thank you, Saad Bashar

  23. looks are wonderful ,the shape and the design is fine job : 😉

  24. wow it is my dreem car 😉 top speed is 248 km/hr
    I need to ask is it better on off-roads than earlier models such as porsche cayenne 🙄

  25. Author

    No off-roading. By the way, I cannot take on any drivers at this point in time.

  26. I had this car in grey and she was my baby,mine got stolen n crashed and I wanted this exact car again.

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