How to get a Porsche test drive

How to get a Porsche test drive


So my PR guy called up Porsche and asked if we could get any Porsche model for our usual test-drive period, which is typically over several days. The Porsche people fired back that their test drive policy is the same for the media as it is for the public. So if you have some kind of undying love for these cars and want to abuse one, read on.

Their policy is that the car will only be given out for 30 minutes. One must also deposit Dhs 1000 with them, which will only be returned after 15 days, after they are sure there are no fines. And wear something nice, like a suit, so that you look like a real buyer. And while I might be wrong, I’d say don’t expect to be handed the keys to anything more than the base models.

It is odd that Bentley can give out their million-dirham cars for three whole days, but mass-producing Porsche chose to cheap out so blatantly. If any of you have a spare Dhs 1000 lying around, go flog a Porsche for a few hours, and say you lost track of time. I can only imagine how complicated their process will be for getting your money back anyway.

My PR guy asked me to put up the money to fulfill his fantasy. I told him to keep dreaming, because I already own a Porsche-killer.

What do you think?



  1. tell deegu to leave his FERRARI RED corolla wid porsche people instead of 1000 dhs and drive for 30 mins in dubai traffic. 😆 also do tell him that its the porsche cayenne that goes offroad. 😉

  2. I’ll just borrow my friend’s Boxster…that’s the easiest way for me to get a test drive in a Porsche 😆 😉

  3. I would die rather than pay to drive a VW Beetle.

  4. Be fair guys; I really logged on to view your reviews and I could have trusted them:
    1- Porsche gives you the car up to one day, last Sunday I test drove the 911 S
    2- you do not have to pay 1000 dhs, they would take an authorization on your credit card so that they can protect themselves from fines that you might incur.
    3- If you think that Porsche is a mass producer; why bother talk to them!!!??
    4- your car sucks
    5- I know you will not publish this, but hey..who cares!

  5. Author

    With point no. 4, you effectively proved yourself to be an unworthy and incompetent adversary in any intellectual argument related to cars. Personally attacking me certainly does not help your fanboyish cause.

  6. I had no intention of proving myself in any way, particularly to you. However, I still insist on saying that (and now I can use the word after your rude words) YOU LIED.
    This is the point, there no intellectual argument here, I am not arguing with you, I am just saying you are a LIER, read all the points above and I dare you prove to anyone that:
    1- Porsche give cars for 30 minutes test drive. THIS IS A LIE
    2- Porsche takes a 100 dhs cash. THIS IS A LIE
    3- Porsche would make it difficult to refund your 1000 dhs. THIS IS A FALSE ASSUPTION.

    Fact is Porsche DO NOT take you seriously, and of course they should, after all you should carry yourself seriously first. Look at how you are responding to my comment!!!

    In fact, I find you amusing and really funny!!! you want to write car reviews, and you want to LIE, and you want to ignor comments about your LIES, and choose to insult whoever calls you a LIER!!!!!!
    You are really funny

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