Antas makers to build Vulca V12

Antas makers to build Vulca V12


Faralli & Mazzanti, Italian builders of the custom Antas that we checked out last month, have added the V12-powered Vulca to their portfolio.


The 2+2 seater will have its own unique chassis, and a choice of V12 engines, ranging from a 445 hp 6.0-litre to a 600 hp 7.5-litre, with a mid-level 520 hp 7.1-litre thrown in. Judging by the rendered photos, the first aluminium-bodied car is yet to be built. It will no doubt be hand-built like the Antas, with cabin trim that includes leather, alcantara and carbon-fibre.

Prices vary with options such as 19-inch or 21-inch wheels, but the general range is from €280,000 to more than €340,000. That’s a starting price of above Dhs 1.5 million.


What do you think?



  1. wat is antas is it well know

  2. luks sad from d perfect side shot (last picture)…..luks like an RX-8 from d top

  3. i dont know man 😕 there are still many stupid companies who sell their super cars for more than million…really stupid and ugly…because its italian it should be expensive 😯 …. they didnt learn from the japanese manufacturers…so stupidddddd

  4. an aston martin front grill wid a ferrari front side, a porsche mid body and an ass not worth mentioning…

  5. yes, they have to learn from Toyota,

  6. thatsit(mohamad), i think Aurion is faster than 2008 Altima 3.5, i saw a race in youtube, but also prado 3-doors is faster than fx35 :mrgreen:

  7. hehehe…i think you missed me assassin…and they should’ve learned from nissan not toyota…GTR thats it…this is not my nick name, i meant that :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    the video is old and they post it in nissan arabia and everybody ignored it…the altima just did about 3000 km which is still too early…the same as your new LC…it needs sometime 😉

  8. “and an ass not worth mentioning” CB, i liked this one 😆 😆

  9. Hey this is not the confirmed shape, It will be built as the customers want it, won’t it, Mash??

  10. Author

    This one is cheaper than the Antas, so maybe customisations might be a bit limited for the overall shape. And cb is a jackass.

  11. CB, did you notice that?….”cb is a jackass” the 4th time… 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
    i think you can make it as a signature mash 😉

  12. i was joking man :mrgreen: :mrgreen: . and yes, nissan duilds strong super cars.

  13. the first two pictures looks real shiney.

  14. The day when this peice of horse shit passes of as an Italian supercar, that’ll be the day whe hell freezes over, which coincidently will be the same day when Mash will be considered good at whatever it is that he does.

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