New car buyer guide update: part 3

New car buyer guide update: part 3


These are the latest additions to the New Car Buyer Guide. As usual, prices are a bit iffy, especially since they differ from city to city, and keep changing daily. Everything else should be in order, and more updates will follow later. Available information on some cars are limited, so do not hound me for any mistakes that might crop up, but do let me know so I can correct them. If the updates are not visible in your Internet Explorer browser, then press and hold CTRL, and CLICK on Refresh in the browser. And if you can’t figure out that instruction, you probably work for VW, and I don’t want to hear from you.

Lincoln – MKX, MKZ (correct prices)
Peugeot – 308
Hummer – H2. H3
Ferrari – F430 Scuderia (info update)
BMW – M3 (info update)
Bentley – Azure, Brooklands
Mazda – 6, CX-9 (correct prices)
Mercury – Montego, Mariner

That’s it for now. Mazda put their new 6 on sale 2 days ago, and only heard about it from my site visitors, and called them up for prices. As usual, updates for Audi are still delayed. I believe the R8 is already on the streets by now, eh?

What do you think?



  1. “you probably work for VW, and I don’t want to hear from you”
    😆 😆 😆 😆

  2. What you haave said about Mazda is absolutely correct.. their marketing team really sucks….. i am from Abu Dhabi & manager here is a fool …. and most of the sales team dont even know what all the switches in the car does …. which is really pathetic.

  3. I agree with you Peter. Read my post on the link ‘Flying down Jebel Hafeet with a Bentley’. Most salesmen don’t even know what they are selling or what’s available in the car…quite sad. The funny thing is, I own a Mazda 6. It’s an amazing car and worth the money;only let down by an incompetant dealer. So far I haven’t faced any problems as such with the dealer here in DXB. They seem to do a good job in terms of servicing the car and always deliver the car on time(lucky me I guess). I even get a call from their customer service division after a week or so inquiring whether the car is ok and if I faced any problems before/after taking delivery etc. Atleast they are trying…

  4. Ray your lucky … long live Mazda. I have a collegue weeping next to me in the office because of the Honda service. there timing and attitude!!! he came back scared from rashidiya ( the service departement ) saying one of the guys wanted to beat me up!! 😈

  5. Anthony, ask your friend to drop his car off at the Shj service centre(provided he lives in or close to shj). My girlfriend gives her car there, and as far as I know, hasn’t faced any problems. They even give the car on time….drop it in the morning, get it back by evening :).

  6. hi guys… i really would like to know more abt the new mazda 6 from u guys.. I’m from rak and dont really know abt the sales nd service of mazda dealership here. i’m really interested in buying one. help me guys…

  7. somtimes i do find problms with galadari auh service centre….they do give back the car on time….but sometimes i have found that they dont check the things or doesnt do the things we ask them to do…..last week i gave my 6 for service and i asked them to check the brakes…n they gave it back sayin its fine….and i could listen to sound from brakes while hard brakes……

  8. hey guys…anyways the new mazda 6 is awesome….the full option m6 is much better than an accord or camry of same price thats about 94000 – 98000 dependin on sedan or hatchback….it got all the options u find in expensive cars like paddle shifters, 8 speaker BOSE sound system, dynamic stability program, adaptive healamps with xenon lights etc….

  9. Thanks for the info Zao. It seems Galadari are going the Al Futtaim/Trading Entp. way of charging more than what the car is actually worth. The Mazda 6 used to be affordable even with all the options. Almost a 100k for a 2.5 ltr car seems too much. I could put in a little extra money and go for a european car.

  10. hi, i have the new mazda 6 fully loaded and it is by far the best car i have driven in comparison to camry, altima and accord. There is an good amount of space in the rear seats compared to the previous mazda 6. The road grip and handling is the best in its class. The pricing may be on the steeper side but then currency is not in our favour due to the dollar peg and last i saw, 102 yen got 1 USD compared to 115 yen = 1 usd a few months back.

  11. Ray, i agree to you a little bit…. i own a Mazda6 my self i am planning to sell that and get the new6, my car is 2005 model only ran 42000km… it was used by my wife and have to say it was a beautiful ride…. Mazda can be a good competition for Toyota or Nissan but they have to improve on their sales team … i dont think galadari is upto the mark

  12. Juzer, thanx mate for dat comment. i defenitely prefer dis new mazda 6 over the new accord, altima or the camry(in looks though). Can u tell me hows the car in terms of power delivery, acceleration nd stuff.

  13. drive feel of mazda 6 is always much better than altima camary n accord….as every motor journalist says its a fun to drive car….mazda 6 gives more preference for sporty drive while other 3 is for ppl who wants a comfort drive…..again when it comes to reliability i wouldnt say that its as reliable as camry or accord…but still its much better than american n european cars….i drive a 2006 model Mazda 6 and it has already done 100000Km without any major issues other than normal wear n tear maintanance….only major problem i found in my car is problems with engine mounting….maybe thats due to my rough drivin style…..otherwise is runnin perfect….

  14. Can any body comment on the Mazda CX9

  15. Please let me know how good is toyota fortuner

  16. Author

    The CX-9 is a tall car. The Fortuner is a Hilux pickup with a wagon body. That’s about it really.

  17. man…you explain the two cars in 1 and half lines…hehehe

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