Eight dead in 200-car Abu Dhabi pile-up

Eight dead in 200-car Abu Dhabi pile-up


In the early hours of March 11, an accidental chain reaction caused a massive pile-up in Abu Dhabi. Eight people died in the accident that involved as many as 200 vehicles on the Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway. Thirty-nine people were injured in this unprecedented accident that caused 92 vehicles to catch fire. The cause of the accident was heavy fog and, of course, speeding drivers.

Update: Latest reports suggest 60 cars, 3 dead and 350 injured.

The smartest thing you can do in foggy weather is turn on your lights, stay under 50 kph, keep a safe distance, look as far ahead as possible, and keep off the fast lane to avoid speeding losers. Especially keep track of cheap company cars, heavily-tinted expensive cars, taxis, company mini-vans and Arabian Adventures 4WDs. Their drivers are the dumbest bunch.


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  1. hi Mash…this was the most horrible thing i have ever seen on road….i really had a shiver seein the burned cars…..i started from auh at 8:00 and reached dubai by 1:00….

  2. how this thig happens can u tell Mashfique

  3. Author

    People speeding in fog. Overconfidence in people’s own piss-poor driving skills even when visibility is very poor. Everyone tries to follow the speeding guy, without keeping safe distance. That first guy crashes and takes a whole bunch of following people with them.

  4. Drove from Dubai to AUH at 9 pm, the satan in me wanted to see some burned cars, but the police did a really good job as not a single wrecked car was in sight.

    I am fed up of people driving at 160 kph on the hard shoulder, not wearing seatbelts, and then saying “have faith in God, seatbelts dont protect you, God does”…….

    Even now, some are saying speeding and weather were not to blame yesterday, it was just God’s will.

  5. Also surprising how Gulf News are under reporting, only 3 killed and just 60 cars involved……

  6. what a terabble accident 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  7. 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

  8. What a terrible accident, never before in my life have I actually felt sorry for the people involved in accidents, but this… 🙁

  9. like all accidental deaths, there is a lesson to be learnt…
    so people better learn from this and drive properly-unless they want to be next.

  10. really sad and extremely sorry for all involved in the pile up.
    this was the horrible accident i have ever seen or heard in my life, in UAE.

  11. Dumbo Drivers :mrgreen: and not 3 almost 12 people died why gulf news have false sentence false news i don know why. 200 CARS CRASHED I FEEL VERY SORRY FOR THE INSURANCE COMPANIES BECAUSE OF THIS DUMBO DRIVERS THE POOR INSURANCE COMPANIES MAY HAVE LOOSE ALOT.

  12. Hello Sohi,

    Before you start throwing judgement out on these poor commuters who have tragically lost their lives by being as you say ‘Dumb’, perhaps it would be much wiser on your part to indulge yourself in a basic necessity by attending a few courses in ‘sentence construction’? Which from the looks of it, could help you a in a greater deal than whichever sparrow fart school you attended which, sorry to say has failed you tremendously. Sincerely looking forward to laughing at the next bunch of words you randomly gather in a pathetic attempt to form a sentence.

  13. Pity those involved!
    Were they flying a plane or driving?
    Crazy reckless drivers probably thought they were playing Play station, expecting for “new game” Is there any?

  14. “Especially keep track of cheap company cars, heavily-tinted expensive cars, taxis, company mini-vans and Arabian Adventures 4WDs. Their drivers are the dumbest bunch.”

    Anybody else remaining on the road driving?

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