So we got a Chevy Avalaaaanche Z71

So we got a Chevy Avalaaaanche Z71


That’s correct, our latest tester is not that golden Hyundai My-Name-Is-Neo or whatever. It’s the giant Avalanche next to it. Frankly, naming a truck after a natural disaster isn’t the smartest of moves, but it fits in a way, I guess. People should run away from one of these as they do from a real avalanche. Because this thing is huge. It is one of the largest vehicles we’ve ever tested, possibly beaten only by the Infiniti QX56 we got last Eid.

Parking means that half the truck’s ass will stick out of the space, while driving on city streets is like trying to thread a sewing needle with a rope. My mother already thought it’s a commercial pickup, and asked what cargo I was hauling.

However, this is more of an entry-luxury vehicle, and with the Z71 package, a bit of an off-road thug too probably. And as big as it seems, it is easily manouevrable for the most part.

What do you think?



  1. waw great nose even better looks than escalade too bad it is not on eurpian trims TDi…ecnomic…fine parking…but great agressive looks waw…

  2. Avalance is a big luxury pick-up

  3. Hope you get a chance to take it offroad and especially to the desert!

  4. Thinking of getting one of those. Please let us know how it performs offroad, especially in sand. I’m informed that the traction control kicks in as it cannot be fully turned off. I assume the fuel economy is as bad as the Tahoe’s? hehehehe… 🙄

  5. AVALANCHE looks nice, spacious, head turner, i feel. 😐
    i wonder for these kinda trucks, how would they fit at de parking lots provided by RTA, other than the way mash has parked i.e. reverse style, and unless taking two car parkings together.
    rta has to think for these kinda trucks. isn’t it unfair? 😆 😆

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