Survey reveals useless UAE taxis

Survey reveals useless UAE taxis


UAE-based newspaper Gulf News conducted a survey to determine the types of transportation that people in the UAE use. Among the results, the most revealing is that 85% of the people who answered the survey have been refused a taxi journey based on their choice of destination, although there probably is more to those numbers than the newspaper is ready to admit. 15% are happy with the taxi service?

Of the 974 people took part in this survey, 51% were Asians, 30% were Arabs, and 16% were Westerners. See any correlation between the percentage who are happy with the taxi service and the percentage of Westerners?

Before anyone accuses me of bigotry, I will say I have nothing against any nationality. I only have a bone to pick with the pathetic taxi service.

What do you think?



  1. Taxi’s are shit also in KSA. their traffis are also expensive. They don’t know how do drive but they know only 1 thing overtaking and overtaking.

  2. In Lamcy Plaza, they simply refuse to go to Karama ! Some try to sweet talk to you by sayin been standing there for 1 hr, so i need a bigger fare, then others plain refuse, until the lamcy security forces them to take you. Then the whole journey they keep nagging about it to you. 🙄

  3. Hey Shd!

    I think that you have gone crazy big time.

    And I know for sure that you haven’t been to UAE.

    Because If go to Dubai and Hire a taxi and than probably you’ll know that taxi here is blessing not shit….

    The reason is fare…. Bro… Taxi in KSA is the cheapest and available at any given time…

    In UAE its really really expensive plus you won’t find any one them vacant…. thats called ZALALAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So do not just comment….for the sake of commenting…….

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