Kia to introduce Soul at Paris show

Kia to introduce Soul at Paris show


Kia showed off a bunch of cheesy tuner concepts, which came and went without any hype, at the Geneva Auto Show a few weeks ago. Those were a hint to the production-ready Kia Soul, which will debut at the Paris Auto Show later this year.


No more details are available, but expect existing 4-cylinder engines from Kia’s small cars to make it under the hood of the Soul.

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  1. hey mash, there are many peolpe who write comments in this web, and i can see that they are always have different minds, for example: some of them say Altima is the best of the best in its class, but also some of them still to say it is too bad. so i have problem, who shuold believe.

  2. Author

    Believe me :mrgreen:

  3. no no no no…you should believe CB or diego 😆 😆 😆

  4. mash the place where you took the pics for the review of the mkz was in the university city…am i right????????? 😉

  5. Author

    Hehe. Damn college.

  6. you shoud always believe me. 😆 btw people from audi and VW have kidnapped mash and is asking 500000$ as ransom or else they will burn him alive. please donate…

    …cb donates 20 litres of A1 rocket fuel 😆

  7. Hey Mashfique, why does cb always behave like a jackass?? Is this some sort of inherent nature??

  8. the 5th time CB….did you notice that 😆 😆
    btw i will donate with the spare tire of our altima (just for now) 😉

  9. thatsit(mohamad). there is 2007 nissan altima 3.5 (leather seats and sun roof) is now offered in the showroom. it costs 86k dhs. so, hurry and buy it

    i am also taking some poundage from nissan’s dealers too :mrgreen:

  10. the 2008 model 2.5 full option without leather seats is about 83000
    this is too much, but the new model deserves it 😉
    actually i was telling my brother yesterday that the roads are not full with the new model as the old one, many people are buying the standard one…actually because it has all the options that you need in a normal car… and some people think its too much for a nissan car..because they still think of it as a bad car that doesnt deserve that price…actually that is good…my friend hated the old model because it spreaded in the roads like rice…that is not happening here…. 🙂

  11. mash my friend a question for you…..
    my brother is planning to buy a 4wheel drive car which is good in offroading and at the same time very spacious for a family of 8…
    i took him to nissan dealer to see the armada and the Qx 56…actually he is obsessed with the infiniti cars espiecally the infiniti watch…even the first thing that he asked about was if the car has this watch or not…imagine 😆 😆 😆
    the options in the armada 2008 full option is like the old infiniti Qx but without the Xenon lights for 169000 which is good (DVD, navigation, rear camera, leather seats, smart key, and many toys as you call them 😉 )
    we asked about the price of the xenon lights if we want to add them, they told us about 5700 per one 😯 😯 😯 …which is too much(my brother he wants it with xenon thats the problem)…we went to infinit and he liked the car espically the chrome grills in the front and the quality of the leather and the infiniti crest on the seats.. the chrome rings and the lEDs) for 218000.. now he is really confused… which one to buy what do you think is better or if you can give us any other choices you think they are good…when they will launch the new patrol in GCC you think?????waiting for your answers…

  12. ah.. i forgot to mention the most important thng for us is the 3rd row seat to be spacious…our family members are we need a good space in the car…i dont want you to tell me for example about the prado…with no offence assassin..but the area is very small in the back and its good only for children…and if you used them there will be enough space for the laugage…i hope you understood my points…
    sorry for writing too much but this is a serious thing (money, you know) 😆 😆

  13. “will be enough space for the laugage”

  14. Author

    Up to you, dude. All the basic stuff you need is already in the Armada. The Infiniti gets real leather, different styling, LED tail-lights and such, possibly with extras such as better sound-deadening. Since Armadas are so common, the only reason to pick a QX is to stand out a bit more, for which you pay more. But breaking Infiniti parts while off-roading means more expensive replacements for bumpers, lights, etc.

  15. but in general both cars are good in offroading…right??

  16. just tell him to buy land cruiser 201000 dhs V8, GXR comes with xenon lights, rr diff-lock, centre differential lock, cooler box. tiptronic, these options in my LC that you can not see them even in infiniti except xenon light.
    the space in 3rd row seat is a bit small, but with enough space for the laugage. ride quality of LC is like a King for the driver and all passenger as mash said.

    the engine is pefect, from its sound to the power. and i think it is faster than infiniti QX56 if the QX is shifted in auto (4wd). because landcruiser is AWD always.

  17. Author

    The Armada/QX has the truck-frame and gearing for off-roading, but it is too long and the side-steps are comparatively low for anything too serious. You might get stuck on top of a dune. Don’t wait for any new Patrol. Nothing is expected even for 2009.

  18. mash, what do you think about what assassin is it good in the 3rd row(LC) as the armada and infiniti.
    assassin, which one is the GXR (6-cylinder)??? you told me you have the VX-r right…and the infiniti for sure is faster than the 6 cyl LC and from the data given by mash its faster than the 4.7 LC also.
    what differential controls you have in your car (4H, 4L, 2L) what else, and if not what you have???
    answer please. And mash can you explain what every control do.
    i went with my friend to al badayer with his prado (he told me the 4L is the strongest(they call it double) after that the 4H(single)…etc)..
    the only thing that will affect the offroad ability of the armada and infiniti is the wheel base which is too long…i know i know 🙁 🙁

  19. assassin the QX56 is the same as the USA version with every thing except the HD 9.3 GB they removed it here… so can you compare the options in that car with the LC that cost around 218000 and tell me which one has more options (forget about the strength and the Offroad sysem for now)….i will look at those figures later…

  20. thatsit(mohamad). there is two engins in the GX-R tirm, V6 (181000) and V8 (201000) and both with same options. and there is a landcruiser VX-R that costs 214000 DHS. it got (kdss) which is an advanced innovative suspension, this system provides better comfortable in the street (specially not flat street and crossing dump) thats way Mash noticed that his LC was having same ride as a lexus cars. but this 214000 VX-R has no sunroof, leather seats, electric seats traction control, and of course there is no screen or rear camera). but if you want it with these toys :mrgreen: it will costs 248000 DHS. so, yes, the Qx56 beats the LC in options for its price.

  21. and mash sayd about QX (We managed a 0-100 kph time of 8.3 seconds, while in four-wheel-drive mode, it takes as long as 9 seconds.,)

    so it takes 9 seconds while my v8 LC. 8.6 seconds which is always four-wheel-drive.

  22. my LC got many bottons for offroading things, 1- there is PWR botton, this one makes the gearbox sportier, (if you dont want to use tiptronic, just push this botton.

    2- there is a limited slip diffrential (LSD) botton or you can call it centre differential lock. this system divisions the power 50:50 front wheels : rear wheels. when you push this botton, you can feel that the LC got better power and handling, but just when you crossing very rough sand.

    3- there is 4LO. it called double arround here, it is good for towing stucked car. i afraid using 4LO :mrgreen: , because it makes my LC got very very strong terque. you can feel that when you want to stop the car, you should push the brake pedal twice stronger to stop. so it not helpful for sand bashing, just shift it when you stock in the sand.

    4- there is RR DIFF-LOCK. which i payed 5000 Dhs more to get it which comes with sunroof and curtain airbags options. it is very helpful when you stuck in smoth sand or mud. you can switch it on after switching to 4LO which 4LO is gonna switch LSD Automaticly. notice: the ABS will not work during rr diff-lock time 😀

  23. thanks alot for your explanation..i think i have to take you with me when i go with my brother to look at other cars 😉
    i have many questions now :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    1. the VXR is always V8????
    2. the difference in price betwn the GXR V8 And the VXR (13000) is because of that system only(kdss)???
    3. if we ordered the VXR and we dont want to add all of the optional stuff, can we do that???(i,e just the sunroof for examlpe!!!)
    4. the PWR button its like sports button (i.e its not for off roading????)
    5.the (LSD) is standard in the GXR also?? dont have the 4H thing and the 2L(because your car is always 4wheel drive)???
    7. you paid 5000 for the RR diff +sunroof+curtain airbags or just for the Diff-look????
    you have the VXR V8 and you paid extra 5000 (219000) for the 3 options. it came with all the options you mentioned above(i.e the 4 systems).
    the last and the most important question: for you and mash if he was reading, which one consumes fuel more the QX or the LC??? i need the offical numbers from the dealers. because its known that the 5.6 L engine from nisssan consumes less than the vtec engine for patrol and the V8 engine for LC (the old one). thank you again people for helping me and waiting for your reply :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  24. Author

    Hey mohamad, almost all the questions you are asking me are answered in my reviews for the QX and the LC. The official numbers are in the guide. So I am going to make you read! The more specific questions I’ll leave to assassin.

  25. OMG 🙁 🙁 i hate reading…btw am free this week because am in a vacation for the spring break.
    the fuel consuption numbers are ok
    what about the review for the QX 2008
    many things have changed and the whole dashboard changed.
    i read both of them before and i will read them now 😉

  26. thatsit, 1. VXR is always V8
    2.the differences are, KDSS,multi information display with steering display control, remote engine start, and electrical steering adjust.
    3. there are three types of VX-R. 1. 214000dhs 2. 226000dhs 3. 248000dhs. and 2 types GX-R V8 196000dhs and 201000 dhs. speaking with GX-R V6 there are two types 171000 and 181000. so it comes with fixed options. you cant order as you want.
    4.the PWR button its like sports button and believe me it helps on the sand.
    5. the LSD is standard on all GXR models,
    6. i think you mean 2H, because there is nothing is called 2L in any SUV in the world, and yes you are right, no 2H because it is always 4WD.
    7. :mrgreen: I HAVE GXR V8 201K Dhs with these options for the RR diff +sunroof+curtain airbags, without these options it costs 196000 Dhs.

    I dont know about fuel, i dont think about petrol because i dont drive much. the betrol cost 160 dhs and goes for 540km it stays 2 weeks, 320 dhs in month is nothing

  27. thanks assassin for giving me those information..what i need now is to look at the car in the showroom of alfuttaim..and compare the look for both of them…i’ll inform you with the latest updates….thanks again

  28. mash, some people here just install a softwere in their computer’s cars that make the car stronger by 40-50hp. is that ok if i did or my LC will destroy?

    also, mash, do you know the gross power of my V8 LC? i cant find it.

  29. Author

    Any shop claiming to get 40-50 hp from software only is lying. Plus the little 5-10 hp gains they really get are actually done by raising the rpm limit and such, so if it is done wrongly by a non-reputed place, then the engine will blow up earlier.

    The only cars that can get 50 hp by chip-tuning are TURBO cars like VW and Mini Cooper S.

    And you will not find gross hp because hardly any company outside the GCC use it, so most ompanies don’t bother releasing that number.

  30. my brother has 5.3 2006 GMC sierra, he went to a shop that doing this. the shop has a machiene for recording the hp of the weels of car and the number was 275hp. the man told my brother that is going to be more than 310hp after installing the software from a laptop.
    But he asked for 2000dhs, so my brother did’nt do it.

  31. Author

    I’ve been looking for info on any respectable tuning chips for GMC, and all I could find for 50+ hp gain are for tubodiesel trucks. If this shop has a dyno, all I can think of is they’ll either play with the setting of their dyno if they are dishonest, or they’ll raise the redline very high and say they increased the hp, but you might actually lose some low-rpm torque and reduce the life of the engine.

    But maybe I’m wrong and these guys are so good that few in the world can do what they do.

  32. actually mash in my training in genavco in the dynometer, if you increase the rpm above its limit the hp will start decreasing 😕 😕 😕

  33. Author

    It’s in the tuning rather than just simply increasing the redline of course. Peak power can be increased in any car if it can be revved higher, and usually losing low-rev torque in the process. That’s how a Honda S2000 gets 240 hp with a redline of 8000+ rpm, and it is built to withstand that.

    Formula 1 engines can rev to 15,000+ rpm, but they only last 1 or 2 races. If the GMC engine isn’t designed to rev higher, bad things can happen.

    I am pretty sure a GMC would feel slower in everyday driving after any chip tuning, even if faster in drag racing, whatever the hp gain.

  34. so, that machiene is called dynometer 🙂 i didnt know that. thanks

  35. i will ask my brother that if the shop guy increases the revs, or does something else.

  36. the one that we used in genavco was dyno meter, actually our testing was only on the engine without the car or truck (the gross hp).
    mash, this can happen till a certian limit of course..right???
    if you increase it too much the stresses will cause a loss in the power even the efficiency will decrease…
    in general…assassin dont let any one play with your car or you will lose the warranty… and as mash said you will decrease the life of the engine…

  37. Author

    Yes mohamad. Basically, chip tuning usually moves the peak power and peak torque upwards on the rpm range, and the rpm range is usually extended by moving up the redline.

    The best results of 50+ hp gain are usually obtained in turbo engines, which are sometimes detuned just so the company can sell another model with a higher tune at a higher price. For example, Audi used to sell the TT with a 180 hp and a 225 hp engine. Almost no difference in engine except for the software.

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