More on the monster Bentley's engine

More on the monster Bentley’s engine


Since Bentley gave us our most expensive test car ever, at Dhs 1.3 million, I figured I’d write a bit more on it. Considering Aston Martin wanted proof of age, website demographics, blood group, etc, just to take out their Dhs 800,000 DB9 for 6 hours (which they never did give eventually), it was a leap of faith for Bentley to give us their Arnage R for four whole days on request, no questions asked. But all things considered, the 6.75-litre twin-turbo V8 is one hell of a motor.


The basic design of this slightly-unruly engine dates back to 1959! Updates came over the years, with the most significant being the electronics upgrade earlier this decade, and a switch to Mitsubishi turbochargers in 2007 for a 50 hp gain.

While we usually rag on rough-running motors such as any Peugeot 2.0 or Audi 1.8T four-cylinder, the brute force of the Bentley engine is enough to quell any complaints, drowning out any whining with its thunderous roar. We occassionally left the windows open just to listen to the motor. It is the first car we drove that combined the roar of a V8 with the cool whoosing sounds of a twin-turbo setup.

Turbo lag? What’s that? While its peak power of 450 hp comes on at 4100 rpm, more impressive is the impossibly-high 875 Nm of torque, all dumped through the rear wheels at only 1800 rpm! Just press in the throttle a bit and the car gives you a back-ache with its massive kick. And even then, it is easy to control in traffic due to its decent throttle pedal feel, unlike the crap drive-by-wire setup in cars such as the jumpy Mercedes-Benz CLS500.

Turning off the traction control, I couldn’t get a good 0-to-100 time because even a mild launch at 2000 rpm starts a squealing burnout even before I take my foot off the brake pedal. I gave up trying for a better time because burnouts on public streets are never a good idea. This one will take practice and a few extra sets of rear tyres. Interestingly, overtaking power on the highway is enough to scare Porsches, as the Arnage R only needs a couple of seconds to jump from 100 kph to 140 kph, while still managing to give you a back-ache.

One cool side-effect of this power was that this car never understeers. Rather, it does mild slides around roundabouts if you touch the throttle even a little bit. However, it behaves itself if the stability control is left on, so elderly buyers need not get worried. The handling itself is surprisingly flat and sporty for its size, although it does show its weight once in a while. I’ll write more on that in the actual review.

I miss the feel of this car already. It is amazing how monstrous the Bentley feels. Though I’ve never driven a 1970s muscle car, I am sure this is probably how it felt like. However, the Bentley probably handles a hundred times better, and offers a million times more comfort. Make that one-point-three million.

What do you think?



  1. Hey can you post a video of the car doing those mild slides??

  2. Author

    No videos this time, dude. I was alone.

  3. dude ,how many times did u fill in petrol?

  4. Author

    Personally, I filled up once for 80 bucks, to calculate fuel efficiency. My PR guy also took the car and probably filled up a few more times, at 10 bucks each time, being the doofus that he is. There is no trip computer, so I’ll calculate later.

  5. mash, i know that the high torque makes the engine smooth and not quick at high speed, but this Bentley is very powerful at high speed. Is that because of the Turbo?

    have you asked the dealer how much the insurance will cost :mrgreen:

  6. Author

    I’d say the engine was good with high-rpm power. The modern twin-turbo system is so good that it improves the torque as well as the power, just like in the BMW 335i. But I cannot seem to find many details on the Bentley’s turbo setup. I estimate that one year’s insurance is about the same as the price of a Toyota Aurion.

  7. thats sure for your age mash (above 25 years), but i should pay about the same as the price of a M300 SRT for insurance.

    speaking about 6.1 M300, does it have something like Bentley’s engine power?

  8. Author

    In a drag race, the 300C SRT-8 will probably win. But the Bentley feels much faster due to its torque, so it will jump ahead at least at the beginning. That’s why I think the engine feels amazing.

  9. sory for this mistake 😳
    it is a 300C SRT-8 😉

  10. No pictures or video of a saloon slide, oh well. 😥

  11. Author

    I did a 360-spin with a Lexus LS460L once. I think that is enough excitement for me. Maybe I’m getting old.

  12. Please do not give up on us Mashfique!
    You are the best source of “real world review” out on any blog.
    Keep that right foot down through the floor board!

  13. mash, is that you inside the Bentli or cb

  14. Author

    I haven’t seen cb since he ran off to Fujeirah last year.

  15. lol mash is more suitable for the drivers seat in such a car with me in the back seat 😎

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