Honda MR-V

2009 Honda MR-V aka Pilot revealed

The American-built 2009 Honda Pilot has been unofficially unveiled in the United States. To be called the Honda MR-V in the GCC, it is definitely not a looker. It seems like Honda’s original design team went on vacation after the Civic redesign back in 2005, and hasn’t returned ever since.


The engine is better though, with an upgraded 3.5-litre V6 with 250 hp and 343 Nm of torque. Fuel economy has improved ever-so-slightly, thanks to cylinder-deactivation technology like the 3-4-6-cylinder system found in the Accord.


While we believe there is still no low-range gearing available for this all-wheel-drive vehicle, new features to aid off-road ability include a hill-assist system to hold the car on an incline safely. We expect improved on-road abilities as well.


The interior doesn’t fare much better than the exterior, with visibly hard plastics and numerous ugly design touches, such as the console-mounted shifter and the dash-mounted passenger-side tray.


All the usual convenience features found in the previous model are here too, such as airbags, ABS, power windows, sunroof, etc. Three rows of seating are available, and the last one is again suitable for very small adults at best.

Expect the car to hit GCC showrooms before the end of summer.

What do you think?



  1. so this MR-V got double exhausts end.

  2. rear end looks alright, not sure what happened with the front end, though. Rims need changing as well 😛

  3. surely something went wrong in terms of styling

  4. Very Boring indeed!!!!!

  5. the older model is 1000 times better than this.anway what has hapened to honda???

  6. we were expecting to see a design like acura MDX n this looks like a carton box….

  7. this looks horrible. what happened to honda. they first launch those great two cars [accord and it coupe] and here the launch a goofy looking SUV. it looks like the dodge nitro now. that grille looks like… I dunno. its horrible.

  8. wahahaha…..i just puked!

    are they trying to hit jeep commander territory, which is an ugly car in its own right already

  9. i luv this car but juz the front bumper doesn’t looks gud

  10. we was expecting more than this from honda
    we can not compare honda’s pilot looks to civic and accord’s
    this suv is less than it’s competitors 😕

  11. This is the ugliest 4 wheel on the road..!!! My husband and I were really looking forward to seeing the new MRV…but what a disappointment!!! The engineers who designed it must have fallen on their heads!!!
    Anyway, this new “Pilot” looks exactly like the customer service of “Trading Enterprises” in the UAE: ugly and baaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!! We really regret we bought a Honda from Trading Enterprises in the UAE. Waiting for the MRV was the only left token for them, but it all collapsed with this new shape and Honda…NEVER AGAIN.

  12. Lol Hhahaha, i think Honda engineers are not satisfied with there japenese managers, may be they aint paying them high lol, wat a Pathetic design they made, they are just attracting us by showing 2 exhausts omggggg m so frightened with two exhausts lol.. This jeep suxxxx, i thought mitsubishi nativa is the only one in the suckerzz list, but honda Pilot are the runner upzz now.. After producing such a nice cars like Honda civic VTI ,accord sedan and accord coupe they shudnt so such a demented job.. anyways..Honda 4 life….

  13. prado also sux in design. painfully boring adn just to old. the best japanese desgns come from mazda. the remaining jap brands take inspiration from europe or america.

  14. Design is not that bad. I had a Honda too previously and the Customer Service was exceptional.

  15. please advise the price

  16. “Be the first of your friends to like this.” You bet I won’t!!!

    This thing is ugly and I have no idea who would approve such a design. The design doesn’t even compromise looks for engineering; it has very little visibility and lots of blind spots.

    Honda Fail.. BIG TIME


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