We review car stuff from Yellow Hat

We review car stuff from Yellow Hat


Since we hung out at the Times Square Mall after testing the Altima Coupe, I guess it is now a good time to reveal that we’ve reached a deal with auto-accessories superstore, Yellow Hat, whereby they’ll supply or install various car accessories or products free-of-charge on our cars, so we can review them, as well as describe how the install went.

We came up with a list of items, each of them under Dhs 1000, that we will go over in the course of the year, with a new review each month for our new Gadgets & Products segment of the blog. First up is a comparison of two different Bluetooth hands-free kits offered by Yellow Hat, and one of the kits has already been installed in our Jeep. The other kit will be installed in our BMW early next week, after which you’ll see our first product review at the end of next week.


And this is not even our best news yet. At the end of the month, we’ll have some more exciting news. Exciting for us, anyway.

What do you think?



  1. infact thats a great news….it would be real good guidance on accessories….

  2. Hey Mash,

    I was just about to buy a handsfree kit for my car. Now I will hold till ur reviews are out…. please mention the price aswell.


  3. thats reaally nice….i think this is your best month in your life…man, when they want to install a race filter just call me i will install it in my car…..hehehehe :mrgreen: ….and as boss said…give us the prices and the warranty period that will be given for each product…now your website is really moving up like a star….good luck and wish you the best 😉

  4. Damn, I thought you were gonna have a give away at the month end; guess not 🙁

    Anyhoo, this is great news, to review products from Yellow Hat. Is it possible that your readers suggest something for review and you ask them, instead of them arbitrarily giving you stuff to review?

  5. Author

    I actually made up a list of all the cheap stuff I could think of at the time, and this list has been finalised with them. So I cannot deviate from that for now. Giveaways? Hehe, a bit too early for that, considering we run nearly non-profit at this time.

  6. please convince them to come to qatar 😀

  7. dear can any one help me tell me yellowHat car audio systems showroom in saudi arabia
    my e-mail [email protected]

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