America gets unique 2009 Mazda 6

America gets unique 2009 Mazda 6


The 2009 Mazda 6 has finally been launched in the United States. It is interesting to note that the American version is actually a bit longer compared to the GCC model, with unique front and rear designs. Even better are their engine choices.


Speculation suggests the American version will get a 170 hp 2.5-litre 4-cylinder and a 270 hp 3.7-litre V6, putting it in line with the likes of the Accord and Camry there. Around here, the 6 is nothing more than a competitor for the 4-cylinder midsizers, backed up by poor advertising, patchy dealer support and boring engine choices.


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  1. There are very minor differences(body) to the car pictured above and one that’s been launched here….the additional lenght is not very apparent in the photographs though.
    We have to give Mazda credit for giving us the 2.5ltr 170 hp engine to compete with Honda,Nissan, Toyota etc. although I have to agree with you that we should get the 3.7ltr engine that’s also doing duty in the CX9.

  2. well…i remm. at one point when ppl did not hav a choice but to buy cars wid such plain looks, mazda pops out of nowhere wid their 6, creating a stir in the market and gaining a lot of popularity widin a short period of time..time flew by and the looks of the 6 started to age; wid other car manufacturers rolling out better lookin and better performing cars. But little did nyone knw tat Mazda engineers were still capable of creating the same kind of “gaga” effect among the car buyers; and they did so once again, wid the new mazda 6!!! Absolutely stunning looks i must admit…but nywayz, the base engine remains all the same…the 2.0L engine was so useless in the old model; so no questions of it being the same in the new model too..the 2.5L sounds to be good..and letz hope tat the v6 model shall show up here sometime in future..

  3. lucky americans ……

  4. about that 2.5L engine available in UAE: the 2.5 is more efficient than the previous 2.3! thats probably because the car is 35 kg lighter than the previous gen. I’d gone to the mazda showroom. Its a great little car. Its AUX, paddle shifters (2.5), bi-xenon lights, smart key and stuff. its a really great car. we might be getting the 2.0 hatchback.

    this american model looks a little better than the one here, but I still like this one (UAE model) better in looks. But in performance, I wish there was that V6 available. Mazda needs to make a good name now. Toyota honda and nissan come up with their new mid-sizers and think they left mazda behind. LOL, they must have got a surprise. Mazda seemed to be waiting for everyone else to launch their models and make their 6 better than the others. good plan.
    I just love the 6 😀

  5. i do agree that we were getting only 2.0ltr and 2.3 ltr in previous model….but i guess to some extend it was the sellin point of mazda 6 against smaller sedans and midsize sedans….it was a great choice for ppl who didnt have budget for pricey midsize cars like accord n camry and same time who didnt want to buy corolla or civic which was smaller and gave a small car image….few yrs back we had many choices in 2.0ltr range like galant, sonata, primera etc the those models were upgraded to 2.4ltr or some taken out of market…..thats the segment where mazda 6 reallly scored….if u look at the market u dont see many mazda 6 2.3….but plenty of 2.0ltr cars….i am sure the new mazda 6 2.0ltr also would sell good with decent options and a decent price with a spacious interior and not so bad power…..if u want to buy a corolla with power options and CD u need to spend atleast 62000 even a civic costs about 58000….same time Mazda 6 u get at 60000 with power options, cd etc and still u can drive it with a midsize car image…..its a true budget car…..

  6. nice looking car

  7. looks way more stylish than the

  8. there is a new coupe version and turbo version of new Mazda 6 is comming up….hope we get a coupe version in this market…somethin to compete with accord and altima coupe

  9. Its a good looking car, but looks are not all that matter. Why give the middle eaat a half baked cake! These guys should have given the region better engine choices!

  10. lol, Mazda always sold crap here..who knows wats rong with em

  11. 😎 I had driven Camry 2008, NIssan Altima 2.5. In the long run (100 to 150 KM daily run) both gives he back pain and leg pain. Mazda 6 2L Sport I have been driving for more than 2 years no travelling pains. I am waiting for New Mazda 6 2.5 2009. Sure they will deliver again! WELL DONE MAZDA! Yes we need in UAE 3 to 3.7 L Mazda 6 to settle the score between Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mitsubishi!

  12. I purchased mazda6 2.oL 2009 few months back.
    Its a comfortable and smooth drive upto 200km per hr.
    I never driven 2.5ltr. the shape of 2.5 ltr is awesome as compare to other cars and even mazda6 2.oltr.

    I have no idea why they are not launching a V6 engine car in UAE.

    Also the marketing is very poor here, causing a big drop even in the resale.

    The shape of American car is a bit different i feel UAE version is good looking as compare to american one.

    The car is compareable even better then toyota and nissan in all aspects but honda has got a bit edge on this car but for that small edge you cannot leave a pleasent drive and a good looking car.

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