New 2008-2009 cars hitting GCC region

New 2008-2009 cars hitting GCC region


BMW, Hyundai and Hummer all have new GCC-spec cars lined up for the latest model year.


The all-new 2009 BMW X6 has already been launched in many GCC countries this week, including UAE and Qatar. For more details on the X6 model variants, check out our previous report.


The all-new 2009 Hyundai Genesis should probably appear in the GCC during this summer, considering it is already briefly shown in Hyundai TV ads. Interestingly, a couple of months ago, I was invited by a research company hired by Hyundai’s Korean-based HQ to come and talk to them in Dubai about how they should go about marketing the Genesis in this region. I had suggested they start a new luxury brand and launch the car after the end of summer, while keeping the starting price under Dhs 100,000, although I don’t think any of that will happen. More on the Genesis in this previous report.


It is already a fact that Hummer has been testing the V8-powered H3 Alpha in this region since last year. We expect the model to be released before the middle of this year. For more info on the Alpha, check out this previous report.

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  1. what about new bmw 7 series
    Any idea when it will come?

  2. Author

    Maybe early next year. Usually BMW shows a “concept” version of their upcoming production cars at auto shows. None yet for the 7, except for that weird CS four-door-coupe concept.

  3. In previous news it was written that new 7 should come this year and local dealers have stopped importing the current model already

    Any idea for the new A8, is it next year or 2010?

  4. X6 has been out for almost a week now here in Qatar. Haven’t seen any on the roads though yet

  5. Will the HONDA CRV be avilable with a with a V6 engine for 2009

  6. 1. Is Land Cruiser Prado expected to change their model in the near future ?
    2. Any news if maximum is going to phase out this range or are they planning for a model change ???

  7. When Nw model for Toyota Prado is expected? Since Prado has been under minor changes since 2003, is it expected in near fututre that its shape get majorly changed?

  8. Author

    Absolutely no news is out there on a new Prado. Looks like it will continue unchanged.

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