BMW pays homage to M1 supercar

BMW pays homage to M1 supercar


BMW showed off a new concept version of their former M1 supercar at the Concorso d’Eleganza supercar show at Villa d’Este. The BMW M1 was in production from 1978 to 1981, with a 273 hp 3.5-litre inline-6 engine, created as a road-going version of the M1 racecar. Since then, BMW hasn’t had a true supercar in their line-up, even though they are arguably the most sporting manufacturer of passenger cars ever.


This design concept lifts various styling cues from the original Giugiaro-designed M1, with hidden headlights, swoopy profile, rear window slats and dual BMW logos out back.


This M1 concept is simply meant to pay tribute to the original M1 that started off the tradition of BMW M cars. Production of a new model is not on the cards, although anything could happen in the future.


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  1. there has been roomers running in different auto sites since last 1 yr about new M1…i guess we can expect BMW to announce a production version in near future….

  2. BMW surely lacks a super car in there lineup….moreover now they have a fully owned F1 team and they would be able to use those technology also in their super car like Ferrari and Mercedes Mclaren……

  3. The M5 is almost as quick as a supercar…So think about a supercar(if BMW makes one)

  4. BMW roxx. Ur right M5 & M6 r no less than a supercar…
    BMW is the best

  5. hey anybody got any idea about the new BMW 1 series coupe….is it available in the uae market yet…..any news about its UAE price….in US it comes in 2 version 128i a normal 3.0ltr 6cyl and 135i with turbo…

  6. Mash , dont you think if u copy paste everyting from autoblog that you should at lest reference it.

  7. Author

    So I guess autoblog pulls stories out of their ass. They are all just press releases.

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