DriveArabia gets an upgrade and more

DriveArabia gets an upgrade and more


You may have noticed the limited updates on this blog during the past week. It was because we moved to a bigger server as we continue to expand. Considering how awful the local internet monopoly is, expecting any improvement in speed seems like a dream. But I guess now is as good a time as any to announce that we are now an official media partner for the 2008 Sharjah Auto Show in November, which will coincide with our third anniversary. We get a stand and everything!

Instead of trying to sell you magazine subscriptions, we’re going to display our BMW M Roadster. Considering BMW usually locks up their cars at their own display stands, we’ll give you a tour of what a real limited-edition M car looks like under the hood, assuming one of us has enough patience to hang around. Until then, we’ll be gradually cleaning it up to show-car standards.

This week will also mark the introduction of a “letters” section to this blog. Emailed letters commenting on subjects, queries about which cars to buy, and more will get published, depending on suitability.

I am also currently working on the secret project I announced late last year. After finally getting a buddy to do Dhs 5,000 worth of programming work for free on this upcoming new section, I am busy editing and adding content personally. It should bring the local car industry to its knees!

What do you think?



  1. so we will be able to see you in the auto show hehehe…the project will be part of the news section???? or a whole new section???
    wish you the best…really,am expecting this website to be very famous like edmunds and car&drive etc…. 🙂

  2. i think secret project is gonna compare the car prices here to the civilized parts of the world, its freaking expensive here!!! i say bring em down to their elbows not just the knees :mrgreen:

  3. welll….gud gud….u rock man

  4. Author

    It will be a new and useful section, which is why it needed the expensive (free!) programming work so that I can enter data quicker. Hopefully my various competitors do not unveil something like it first!

  5. hey mash gotta question for you which pajero is faster the 2005 pajero 3.0 or the new 2007 mitsubishi pajero

  6. sry both r 3.0

  7. haha i see you finally got the programmimg done. why don’t you finish the more ‘important’ ones first and update the site and then gradually add the rest (u knw wt i mean). you can atleast claim to be first even if some1 elz launches something similar.

    i predict a lot of arguments once the secret project is up 😉

  8. Mashfique, nice Supra! Any other old school Toyotas, Nissans, or Mitsubishi Starions in Dubai?

  9. Author

    lotfi, it’s the same engine and platform on both Pajeros.
    cb, I am trying to figure out a reasonable system to avoid inaccuracies.
    midnight, the Supra is gone, and I haven’t seen a Starion here since the 1980s.

  10. so mash u sayin tht they both r the same i thought the 4th genertaion pajero had a stronger engine then the old 3rd generation

  11. Author

    Only the Pajero 3.8 got a big power upgrade, while the 3.0 is the same old engine.

  12. thats nice….we looking fwd to meet u at motor show..

  13. Godspeed ……man!
    and I think cb gets some jealous from you :mrgreen:

  14. There are few old school Nissan’s and Toyota’s around, but they in super bad shape with crappy material bodykits and engine modifications equivalent to a 10 yr old’s science experiment!

  15. waiting to c BMW M Roadster at the shj motor show…..
    expecting some of ur driving skills…. 😆 :mrgreen:

  16. Hmm….the project looks, like someone else pointed already, to be a section where current market prices of cars will be compared. Something similar to the classified ads for cars but in real-time, sort of like a stock market 😉

    Perhaps if details are given to where said cars at said prices can be purchased, then it can be sort of like souq :p

  17. Author

    Hehe, nothing of that sort. Following prices in this place is like banging your head on the wall.

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