New car buyer guide update: part 4

New car buyer guide update: part 4


Another rundown of the updates to the New Car Buyer Guide over the past two months. I continue to get some flak for incorrect prices, but then again, I make pocket-change for doing what little I do anyway. As usual, if you cannot see the updates in Internet Explorer, hold CTRL and click on REFRESH in your browser while cursing your internet provider.

ChryslerGrand Voyager
GMCTerrain, Sierra 1500
InfinitiG37 Coupe, EX35, M35
JeepCherokee, Grand Cherokee
LexusLX 570

Only a few more not-in-demand cars are left to be updated, but they aren’t too important. Look for Tata, Audi, VW, Skoda and Maserati in the next update sometime on the future. Hope you are not in the market for any of those.

What do you think?



  1. where’s the X6? :S can’t see it on bmw page even after ctrl+f5

  2. Author

    I didn’t say F5 now, did I. 😉
    Holding CTRL and clicking REFRESH on IE works.

  3. F5 is refresh on all browsers 😉 and thanks now it works but only on IE. it doesnt seem to work on mozilla :S nvm though

  4. ok wait i cleared the cache now it works on mozilla

    anyway, nice car! but starting at 340k is a lot :S
    g37 coupe looks awesome 😉

  5. saw an x6 yesterday…still dont like the shape

  6. i think x6 will be a hit as fancy things are liked a lot here, right? i saw one today near bin saugat centre driven by some local:lol: 😆

  7. I saw a few as well. It turned out to be smaller than i expected :S but it still doesn’t look too bad

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