Gadget Preview: Nokia & Parrot Bluetooth

Gadget Preview: Nokia & Parrot Bluetooth


So we had two different Bluetooth Handsfree kits installed in our vehicles, provided by the Yellow Hat auto accssories superstore in Dubai. As previously announced, they are going to install various low-budget car-related gadgets for us to review over the course of the year. This here is a brief preview of the Bluetooth handsfree phone kits we’ve been driving around with and getting used to.

For our 2000 BMW M Roadster, we had the Parrot CK3100 installed, while our 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 got the Nokia CK-15W. Due to some wiring issues, Yellow Hat always recommends the Parrot for European cars and the Nokia for American ones, although we didn’t get into the specifics. It has to do with a clean install, since Yellow Hat prefers not to cut any stock wires within the car’s dashboard.


The Parrot kit in the BMW cost a bit under Dhs 800 (US$ 218), including installation. It is the simpler of the two kits, with a monochrome screen and a built-in rotary controller. Other pieces include a microphone, various types of stands and the electronic module.

The Nokia kit in the Jeep cost almost Dhs 1000 (US$ 272) with installation, and comes with a little full-colour screen, a speaker, a microphone and a rotary controller, along with the electronic module.

We’ll review the actual installation on our vehicles soon.

What do you think?



  1. Hi Mash,

    What is your recommendation for a Japaneses Car. Are these only choice available with YH. Any idea on warranty??

    I guess these are expensive….


  2. The Nokia CK-15W microphone only works well if it is installed very close to the person speaking (like within 6 inches !!), otherwise person on other line will not be able to hear due to road noise and very faint volume. Do not recommend it for this reason.

  3. Author

    Yellow Hat has a few more expensive ones, although I am not sure why they are more expensive. There are also much cheaper ones, but those are the type which clip onto the sun-visor and plug into the car lighter.

  4. I went thru both the nokia and parrot hand free kit, which performs really well in terms of voice clarity, specially the mic, people from the other end should able to hear us clearly. For japanese car, what would you suggest. rgds

  5. Author

    The people at Yellow Hat should point you in the right direction, even if you don’t buy from them.

  6. my parrot ck3100 i can not get the volume to go up ican not hear it i think they can hear me ok but as i say it is very low can you help me out thanks (peter)

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