Abu Dhabi plates among world's priciest

Abu Dhabi plates among world’s priciest


At the latest “Code 5” number-plate auction in Abu Dhabi, plate number 9 has become the third most expensive number plate in the world, at Dhs 15.4 million (US$ 4.2 million). Bought by a modest Abu Dhabi businessman who did not wish to be named, he purchased the number at the charity auction held on Saturday evening at the Emirates Palace.

“Code 5” numbers 1 and 5, auctioned previously, are at the first and second spots in the world. All of these auctions were organised by Abdulla Matar Al Mannaei of Emirates Auction, on behalf of Abu Dhabi Police.

The numerous auctions for “desirable” plates have generated US$ 105 million, which will go towards building a world-class emergency and trauma care centre for victims of road accidents and other debilitating conditions.

Plate 1 sold for Dhs 52.2 million (US$ 14.2 million), as listed by the Guinness Book of World Records, while plate 5 sold for Dh 25.5 million (US$ 6.9 million). Plates 6 and 7 sold for Dhs 15.3 million (US$ 4.2 million) and Dhs 11.4 million (US$ 3.1 million) respectively.

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  1. These all are madddddddddd. by this money they can serve 100’s of poors

  2. shd if you read properly these auctions are charity auction .if anybody buys any numberplate from it the money will go for charity to por people.

  3. What is good is that the proceeds are going to charity, supposedly.

    What is sad is that the buyers would have bought their plates, even if the proceeds didnt go to charity

  4. if these auctions are not charity auctions, then the buyers are mently ill… i don’t think them normal human beings.

  5. from the u.s. what is a code 5 auction something ive never heard of sounds interesting

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