So we got a 411 hp CSV CR8

So we got a 411 hp CSV CR8


We spent the entire morning today at the Dubai Autodrome, driving around in the most unusual vehicle, at a German manufacturer’s launch event. But we will talk about that drive later, because we came home to have a new unrelated test-drive car delivered to our doorstep. And that new tester is the CSV CR8, which belongs at the track, but just to clarify, it’s not the car we drove at the track. As tired as I am, I took the CR8 for a 2-minute spin before typing out this note. And I am already sold on it. It is the most pleasurable driver’s car I’ve had the opportunity of piloting in the past year. Notice that I skipped over the Corvette ZO6, the Continental GT and even over the new Mini. It is that much easy fun.

I’m sold on it because it mates an easy-to-shift 6-speed manual with a burbly 411 hp V8. The Corvette was faster, but had a truckish transmission and annoyingly low ground clearance for the streets. The Continental GT was automatic, with badly-delayed responses. And the Mini Cooper S has been softened in its latest iteration, and is still too painful to pedal in traffic jams.

I’ll write more about this machine later, but for now I’ll doze off.

What do you think?



  1. nice looking car….
    is it syill realated to chev….and what about the holden(or this is the holden).

  2. *still related

  3. Author

    It’s an upgraded Chevy Lumina, also known as HSV Commodore in Australia.

  4. nice looking car but what is the price?i hope it’s not that expensive

  5. It costs between AED 170k to AED 180k…and they are in limited numbers…

  6. please mash i’m anxiously waiting for ur review, im a lumina ss owner and would love to hear what u have to say abt this.. im loving it!

  7. Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth. I’m from Australia and we love this car. The only thing is build quality or lack thereof. This car is known as the HSV GTS along with another variant called the HSV Clubsport R8. Commodore refers to the regular sedan and not the HSVs. It costs the equivalent of AED270,000 back home so I think you guys are getting a good deal. Great car driven by rednecks and bald men trying to recapture their youth 🙂 Get it in black.

  8. Its not HSV commodore . Its HSV clubsport R8 . If you watch top gear then youll see it destroying bm’s mercs and audis of the same price and also the m’s , amg’s and r’s .

  9. so when we going with that babe?

  10. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: i mean the cool looking sports car

  11. good looking car,but 300c srt-8 is more beautiful and powerful,so why buy it?

  12. but 300c is only available in auto and no traction control switch off option

  13. Dont think its a clubsport, coz chevy over here is not so generous to sell a 270k car for 170k, lol

  14. Well , the price difference betwen the cheaper r8 to highest spec gts is about $15,000 or so . Its always going to be cheap overseas . Pontiac is selling g8 for 33k USD. Its all about taxes i guess. Nonetheless , one hell of car . Finally aussie cars are being noticed worlwide , the TRD Aurion , FPV’s and HSV’s

  15. that car is a real hot one :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


  17. I own a lumina SS 2008, it hurts to know that they launched this ride a damn month after i got my car 🙁 This ride is fantastic and a has loads of BHP for an affordable price tag. A Smack to the Germans !

  18. even though you’ve tested the new lumina ss mash, do you think it can still do under 6 seconds 0-100km/h? obviously in winter conditions and a good road

  19. Author

    Probably with a manual gearbox. But I got an awful time with the CSV, because I did it with traction control on. It would be stupid and unsafe to unleash 411 hp on the two-lane public road where I do my usual runs.

  20. Wow, there seems to be some confusion over what this car actually is. Its an Australian HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) Clubsport R8 that is rebadged as a CSV.

    HSV is a company that takes Holdens and modifies them for performance enthusiasts – HSV is a vehicle manufacturer in its own right and no Holden identification will be found on a HSV. In Australia they are almost a religion.

    The CSV CR8/Clubsport R8 features a 6.0-litre LS2 Chev V8 (recently upgraded to the LS3 6.2-litre in Aus – so expect an updated model over your way soon). Its Australian designed and built and basically features GM’s Corvette drivetrain. Over here HSV have recently released the W427 version which uses the 7.0-litre LS7 V8 drivetrain from the Corvette ZO6.

    Its also better built than probably any other car to wear a Chev badge, rednecks can’t really afford it although some bald guys can.

    Its based on the Australian Holden VE Commodore sedan, which is rebadged as a Chev Lumina for export markets.

    In the UK it is known as the Vauxhall VXR8 where it is also basically a Clubsport R8.

    The HSV GTS is another step up from the R8 and while it features the same drivetrain it gets bigger wheels, brakes and magnetic ride control.

    I enjoy dropping into this site from time to time – kudos to the people behind it – its a fun read.

  21. Author

    Actually steane, I called it an “HSV Commodore” on purpose, which is the simplest way to explain the origins of the car for readers here, without going into the details of each confusingly-named variant. It seems to have caused more debate than it should have.

  22. For all the Lumina SS owners that want the all that the CR8 has and more, have no fear as WALKINSHAW PERFORMANCE is going to have an office here in Dubai. The best thing is all parts added do not affect your warrenty.

  23. WALKINSHAW ar the AMG, or ALPINA when it comes to GM…. These are the guys that make all the HSW products and cars, as well as the HST V8 Race Cars..

  24. this car in america calls pontiac G8 and is ane of the best car now has the Corvette motor the price is fair $43thounden dollars is good price.

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