I think I am banned from Bahrain F1

I think I am banned from Bahrain F1


I usually don’t bother responding to racist jerks who send me insulting comments while assuming that I am “Indian.” I am a Muslim first, but I am also a Bangladeshi, and I won’t deny my heritage if asked. The forward-thinking nation of Bahrain has banned issuing work visas to all 90,000 Bangladeshis in the country, because one of them murdered a Bahraini a few weeks ago, and another killed a woman last year. Since we are such serial killers, this probably means I will not be able to go to the Bahrain F1, or any manufacturer events that might be held there, even if I wanted to.

I am probably the only one from my country in an industry dominated by Brits, Arabs and Indians, and I now have the most popular English automotive website in the Middle East, by the simple virtue of getting straight to the point. I like what I have done, even if my acquaintances think I am weird for playing with the internet and not working in engineering, like my degree says I should. I just like to tell them I already own three interesting cars when they struggle to own just one, and I still have time to build a site like this without being paid for it. Anyway, I guess people like me, and all the engineers, doctors and mechanics from my country, are more likely to commit a crime than any other nationality, since we are all bunched up with those two illiterate murderers.

I admit, I am so evil I did 10 kph above the speed limit today morning. But no more Bahrain F1 coverage from now on (not that we had much to begin with). I will support the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix all the way!

What do you think?



  1. good luck man…am really so sad for you 🙁

  2. thatsit(mohammad. Dont feel sad about mash, l know that he can handle his problems easly. He is a helpful man and God loves/cares of those who help people.

  3. Naaaah…don’t worry…during F1 they’ll let anyone in besides the fact of issuing visit visa’s.

    I don’t knw why are you worried…next year you can visit the GP at AbuDhabi….then they’ll be begging u, Mash to come to Bahrain.

    I do not support the fact of banning a country for the deeds of a couple of guys.

  4. and to add – keep up the good work and set an example to your fellow country men in a world dominated by others. We love this site out here in Bahrain and Qatar 🙂

  5. good luck man u r nice guy.. we love u and ur site.. 😆

  6. Man..You’ve got users from US accoding to Alexa…thats pretty impressive.

    And this article is turning into “Show your support for MHC” ! fun !!

    WE love you Mr.DriveArabia !

    Tell me when to hold up a candle.

  7. i too love you mash…please marry me

  8. Author

    Please use all your candles to roast my stinky old buddy Diego.

  9. ^^^^
    loooooooooooool 😆 😆 😆

  10. The ban is only for labourers’ work visas and not visit visas. So you are most welcome to visit Bahrain anytime you want.

  11. Author

    The ministers are actually rather unclear about what they want to do right now, from what I read. Either way, I’ll probably get harrassed to hell by authorities over there. I get looked down upon enough over here as it is.

  12. ” A possible ban on issuing or renewing work permits for Bangladeshis in Bahrain will not cover “the skilled and well-educated”, sources told Gulf News on Sunday.

    “The ban will be limited to those who are unskilled or do not hold higher education degrees,” the sources said a week after Bahrain’s interior minister said a ban would be imposed on the recruitment of Bangladeshis. “

  13. Author

    Yep, I read that. Won’t stop the attitude I’ll get from the authorities though.

  14. mash bhai, congrats to u on such a successful website…
    ol i can say iz dat i m blessd 2 find dis websyt, specially wen i m a car enthusiast,non arab,live in saudi arabia and dont understand arabic…..

    however its such a pity that we the bangladeshis are being treated so badly just for the mischief of sum bad people who ironically belong to the same nationality…… 🙁
    in bengali they say : ekta kalir fota shara dudhke nosto kore…
    in english it means: one drop of ink spoils the whole pot of milk… 😐

    thats exactly what happend here…….

    by the way thanx once again for giving us this magnificent car site…..
    i think u r a pride for Bangladeshis and also car enthusiasts in the middle east….
    keep up the good work.. 😀

  15. Hey Mash – a wonderful job you have done over the past years to create this interesting website which I believe is credible & reliable, based on the information produced along with the comments/reviews & opinions… infact I have purchased my car & suggested to others after reading through the site…

    Good job & it takes heart making this website!

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