So we got a new Peugeot 308

So we got a new Peugeot 308


I’m not too familiar with Peugeot’s various engine offerings any more, especially since Peugeot’s local reps have always been unenthusiastic in dealing with us specifically. However, we recently gave them a call and asked for a 407 Coupe again. The last time we asked for it, it was in 2006, and it got postponed 4 times, so we moved on. Looks like it went missing again. We got a 308 instead, but we’re not complaining.


You see, some of these new cars are blowing our minds. The 308 we got is a 140 hp 1.6-litre model with a manually-shiftable automatic. As soon as I started playing with the throttle, I realised it had more of a kick at low speeds than a V6 Accord or even a V8 Jaguar.

I turned out the a/c, and sure enough, I could hear the whoosing of a turbo every time I got off the throttle. The 308 may have the same horsepower as a Civic, but it is more than a second faster to 100 kph from standstill, thanks to a strong torque curve.

But that’s not even half the story. I took it to my usual isolated roundabout for the grip test. The Accord V6 does 60 kph before the tyres squeal themselves silly. The Jaguar XF manages a bit above 65 kph before the first hints of screeching. The front-wheel-drive 308 went beyond 70 kph before it lightly started squeaking!


It has even less body roll than the Jaguar XF, rides only a bit more harshly than a Toyota Corolla, and is as quiet as a Honda Accord. The only complaints are a lazy automatic in normal non-sport mode, very firm steering, an average a/c and fuel economy only slightly better than that of a 2.4-litre Toyota Camry. Our specific 1.6 Premium turbo tester also costs about the same as a basic Camry, at Dhs 75,000. At least it looks way hotter and has the practicality of a sizeable hatch.

What do you think?



  1. boring f* car…
    i dont like pegy.. 👿

  2. nice car.driven it lately,nice one.

  3. Peugeot cars are very strong and they have great engines but the problem is with the prices of the spare parts. they are v good in handling also.
    waiting for your review 🙂

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