Comparo: Honda Accord V6 vs Jaguar XF V8

Comparo: Honda Accord V6 vs Jaguar XF V8


Okay, so it is impossible to compare a Honda Accord V6 with a Jaguar XF V8. But both are midsize sedans, both are redefining their genres and both happened to be parked under my place at the same time. So why not?


The two midsizers both have bits of exterior chrome, alloy wheels and…that’s about it as far as similarities go. Our front-wheel-drive Accord has a 270 hp 3.5-litre V6 and a 5-speed auto, while our rear-wheel-drive Jaguar XF has a 298 hp 4.2-litre V8 and a 6-speed auto with manual functionality. The hot Jag also costs twice as much as the cold Honda.

Both seem to be about the same in length, but while the Jag has about as much space inside as a large compact car, the Honda breaks all barriers in its segment, feeling like a fullsize car inside. Of course, the Jag’s clean interior and high-tech gadgetry destroys the Honda’s basic cabin. While the XF’s features impress with hideway air vents, rotary-dial shifter, touch-sensitive buttons, leather dashboard and a nav system, the Accord doesn’t even have a trip computer to calculate fuel mileage.

Arguably, the Honda Accord is the best-handling front-wheel-drive family sedan we’ve ever driven, with an excellent combination of comfort and handling. It has limited body roll, good grip and can even be manipulated to reduce understeer at speed. It doesn’t have a true manual-shifting feature, but the gearbox does well on its own. It is so good that some “respected” journalists have even called it a “sports” sedan.

But then I drove the Jaguar XF. It obliterates the Accord around corners, and easily gives BMW a run for its money. The wide low-profile tyres offer much more grip than the Accord’s rubber, and can easily outrun machinery such as the Bentley Continental GT Speed. The tiptronic paddle-shifting feature responds instantaneously and is the best automanual system I’ve ever seen. Flat around corners, lack of understeer, and firm-but-compliant ride round off an excellent package.


But, the win for the best engine goes to the Accord. While it lacks mid-range torque, it takes off quickly, responds instantly to throttle inputs, and has oodles of power at high revs. I also had a hard time trying to empty the petrol tank, because its invisibly-acting cylinder deactivation feature turns off 2 or 3 cylinders most of the time during constant-speed cruising. The car can go for days without filling up, which is a feat for any V6 car. It falls behind by only 0.6 seconds against the XF in our 0-to-100 kph runs.


In contrast, the XF’s aging V8 acted so wimpy initially that I thought I was driving an underpowered V6 version. The non-supercharged V8 offers only 28 more horses over the Accord motor, and guzzles more fuel than my Jeep’s V8. The gearbox also likes to stay in higher gears, and hardly downshifts when stomped. I then realised that switching to sport mode transforms the car, offering considerably better response and a much better driving experience. Even more fun is driving in the excellent manual mode, but all this hurts fuel economy.

As I mentioned earlier, both cars redefine their respective genres. The Accord offers class-leading space and fuel economy in the front-driven midsize category, while the XF introduces never-before-seen gadgetry and a sporting drive to the crowded entry-luxury-sports category. Both deserve to be the sold-out sales successes that they’ve already become.

What do you think?



  1. Next up is Accord v6 vs aurion and jag xf vs ss .

  2. honda and jag both are nice cars….
    but i am jag fan.. :mrgreen:

  3. My cuz wife told me that BMW’s are for wankers (don’t knw whether she implied i’m one cause i hv a beemer) and tht she’ll only buy a jag….but again she a brit….luv this jag though – specially those aston martin like tail lights but they need to do something abt tht nose…wanking material for sure then 😉

  4. Just by looking at the pictures, the Jag looks way better than the Accord. But i’m one of those people who can’t afford a brand new Jag. My car budget is limited to the likes of Accord v6, Aurion, Galant and Altima v6. That’s why i’m excited about the Hyundai Genesis. I’m waiting for that car to come in the M.E. and for your review on it.

  5. honda accord is better than XF ;honda is more reliable,less expensive and more historic.

  6. mash so how many secinds did it take the accord form 0-100 im relly intrested cuz my dad is thinking of buying the car and i will get it next year hopefully wen i get my liscences so i need it to be fast

  7. Author

    The Accord V6 is 0.8 seconds slower than the Altima and the Aurion.

  8. wat so it does 0-100 in 7.8 thts shit

  9. ” ali says
    honda accord is better than XF ;honda is more reliable,less expensive and more historic. ”
    Habibi, Honda more historic then Jaguar ?? 😯 How old are you ?
    That my friend, is an insult to any motoring enthusiast ….

  10. two sexys one is japi asian n other europen buety while
    on one hand if i see acord is 0.6 less thn xf
    2 thing is tht accord is 0.8 secs less thn altima
    so if we take xf a v8 4.2 eng wid 3.0 v6 so better to take accord nnn if we compare price jags is askin too much for nuthin nn acord is askin for smething unique

    if we compare altima n jag so probly altima will my coice…… 😕

  11. mashfique brother i really respect your infoz tht u give here as u mentioned above accord touches 0-100 in 0.8 secs but i tired 5 times yesterday i touched 0-100 in 0.7 secs or less like 0.68 or 0.69 , not 0.8secs thts for sure

  12. huh??? no car in this world can reach 100 in 0.8 or 0.69 secs? do you mean 8 secons? and 6.8 secs?

  13. i think he means 7.7 seconds

  14. 6.8 seconds lol sorry my mistake

  15. @rhymes-
    the speed you got was based off the speedometer reading, which because is mechanical has error. when the car magazines measure the acceleration they use laser based devices which are more accurate. that’s why the difference.
    Also, comparing the two is ridiculous. the only thing common is that they are cars. the buyer of any one of these will not consider the other car even.

  16. I want buy Honda 2008 v6

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