Rolls Royce confirms baby RR4 for 2010

Rolls Royce confirms baby RR4 for 2010


The rumours of a baby Phantom are true. Rolls Royce just sent us this preliminary design sketch of a new model, dubbed the RR4, to be slotted in under the Phantom.

The car will debut in 2010, and will be powered by a brand new engine unique to the RR4. The design was signed off in 2007 and engineering development is now fully underway. The Goodwood manufacturing facilities are being completely reconfigured to accommodate the RR4, with extended paint, wood and leather shops as well as a second assembly line. The company will move to a two shift system next year as it gears up for full production of the new model.


What do you think?



  1. tht looks like a bentley continental 😕

  2. is this car important to buy?i dont think so.give the money to people in need.good idea.

  3. The lower roof gives it a nice posture, sort of like the 300C.

    And Ali, your idea maybe good, but it’s very impractical. That argument could be had for anything we consider in our lives as a luxury (which is 90% of the crap we spend money on!)

    Like you, for instance, can give money to the needy and not buy butter (get margarine); ride in a bus (and also save the environment); don’t go the cinema (watch every movie on your tv); don’t go to restaurants (eat everything at home); don’t live in a flat (get a studio).

    I can go on forever but I hope you get the idea. The people who can afford the RR4 will buy it, regardless of kids dying from starvation in some other part of the world. This is how it’s always been, and will be.

  4. ali what car do you drive?

  5. i drive GMC envoy denali and 2005 chrysler 300c.

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