So we got a Honda Accord and Jaguar XF

So we got a Honda Accord and Jaguar XF


This week is turning out to be hectic. After returning the CSV CR8, we drove to a GM/RTA press conference halfway across Dubai in evening traffic in my manual BMW, only to find out it was cancelled and no one told us. Wasting the whole of yesterday night, we had to wake up early today and run around town to pick up two cars. One is the long-awaited Honda Accord V6, and the other is the exquisite Jaguar XF.

While the Honda Accord V6 is the top version of that midsizer, we are guessing that our Jaguar XF happens to be the “basic” V6 version. We say so because the XF felt seemly out-of-breath when we first floored it. However, it also seems that even this version gets all the fancy toys, such as the leather-lined dashboard, the hideaway a/c vents, the rotary-dial gear shifter that rises up from the centre console, and the touchscreen computer. The top Accord felt pedestrian in comparison. I thought midsize cars were reaching luxury-marque levels of equipment nowadays?

However, assuming our Jag really is the V6 version (pending a peek under the hood thanks to a lack of external badges), we can safely say that the Accord easily feels more lively engine-wise. Also, comparing the Jag’s interior to an Accord’s is rather unfair, since the Jag’s cabin-coolness puts even all other luxury brands to shame. The play of vents and dials is fun to watch.


Anyway, after all that running around, the morning was wasted so we didn’t have time to test the cars at all. But tomorrow is another day. And we have another car lined up before the week is over.

Update: Our XF turned out to be the 4.2-litre V8 mid-range model.

What do you think?



  1. Jag XF rocks man….it comes with sexy interior options …..the pop up gear knob and swipe map lights……as well as dash board …….luks really good

  2. man…the jag is a sexy car…especially the new model, from the back it looks like aston martin alot.

  3. mash wat happened to the aurion review never hear dabout it again

  4. A-O-A MAsh hOw r u ,I Want to ask u ABt civiC and New COrollA whICH caR’S AiR cON is better BEcauSe i AM PlaNNING to bUy ONE aND caNT deciDe corOLLA Is exPensiVE and CiVIC coMEs IN my BudjEt .WhiCh car WIll u PrefEr to Take out IN thIS hOT weAther..thAnkS.

  5. anD Alsol let Me kNOw ABt tHE new AccOrd Air CON aS CompAred To camRy thanks…

  6. wahts the base price of accord V6?

  7. Mash i am waiting for ur reply.. thanks

  8. Author

    The a/c is as good as it gets in those cars. However, the larger cars have better a/c than the smaller models.

  9. hey mash i didnt get info about the price….

  10. that is because the price is already on this website and clearly you havent looked for it.
    or go to the honda uae website and fill up their speedy quote form.

  11. i guess cb didnt get my question…i hav asked for the base price of V6 model…anyways thanks for the advice….

  12. Author

    I don’t know really. 85-90k would be a good guess. I forgot to ask the dealership dude today as I was returning the car, as he was locked in a heated argument with his colleague.

  13. here in qatar, the base price for the accord v6 sedan is 99000

  14. thanks for the info….

  15. bashar no way the accord costs 112000 basic

  16. No knowing what the base price is in this country, last week my friend asked honda accord starting price, it was 71k, yesterday he went it was for 81k, the salesperson throwing some crap about dollar rates..also adding next month civic prices will 2k more from its already over-priced 62k ! But guess what, friend bought the civic anyway..BOY RACER! 🙄

  17. i think jaguar XF is adoreable and fantastic, its so cool and amazing in it’s engine 3.0 l and its interior and appearance

  18. Hey the VW Tiguan is out and u guys havent mentioned a thing about it????? Strange……There was a launch in Abu Dhabi just 2 or 3 days back…..

  19. Author

    We have a feud with VW, whereby they say we are too small to give cars to, and we now say we won’t help the brand promotion in the GCC. Which side are you on?

  20. Jaguar XF is one of my dream car specifically the Super Charged one.

    But the problem is the quality of the car and the dealers.

    Based on TrueDelta, XF doesnt seem to be very reliable especially when when you consider the engine and chassis to be one of the oldest I though that it would be better. As for JP rating it rates it low on reliability.

    As for the garage. I own 2005 Ford Fiesta and I have alot of trouble with Al-Tayer motors Premiers Motors as they call it in Abu Dhabi. They failed to bring some of the parts which I have to go all the way to Oman to get it.

    So if I wanna pay 300,000 to use it for 2 weeks then forget it. I would take the Accord, Jaguar and it dealer failed to impress me in less they is guarantees and warranties similar to the BMW 5 years unlimited km. Otherwise they should seriously take into consideration because at the day if you the car spends more time in the garage even if it exciting to drive or look at it it no use. It will just be work of art rather than a machine.

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