2009 Nissan X-Trail spotted in Dubai

2009 Nissan X-Trail spotted in Dubai

While we were not sure whether the new-generation Nissan X-Trail would even make it here, one of our readers, Don, spotted a 2009 model on a flatbed towtruck on the Sheikh Zayed Road.

We had reported on the new model earlier, since it has been out in Europe for a year now. On another note, the 2009 Infiniti FX is launching in the UAE on July 27th. The official launch dates for new models such as the Maxima, G37 sedan, Patrol and GT-R are still unknown.

What do you think?



  1. bad looking car 😳

  2. ew!! putting the reverse lights on the bumper is so old schol and stoopeed [stupid].

  3. nice work don !!!

  4. still better than qashqai :mrgreen:
    before months when they first brought the new lancer in here. I saw about 10 new lancers were carried to shj showroom by a big truck. But the problem was most of these cars were hard broken (shipping problems as i think)mash. the question is, does the dealer sell these cars after fixing them or will be returned to japan?

  5. good work don… 😉

  6. now the good news is that they are testing the “”””GCC”””” version of the GTR in DUbai Autodrom. from the pics you will notice many interesting stuff…
    1- the GCC will not be like the American version actually it will be the same as the Japanese version>>i’ll let you think why from the pics :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ..
    2-mohad bin sulaiem (second pic) tested it and he preffered it more than his “special version SLR” also in the last pic is the big engineer who built this monster.
    3- if you noticed in the 2nd pic the golden line on the seats(below his elbow).
    4- the price now as some people have heared will be around 260k DHS…i think this will kill the sells of the Z06.
    4- the most important thing if you noticed that the SALIK tag was fixed on the wind shield which proves that all of this was in DUBAI hahahahahahaha 😉

  7. Hey, I had seen a white GT-R yesterday. man it was exciting to see it in the flesh [or rather metal 😉 ]. it was larger than I had earlier assumed.

  8. I spotted the BMW Z4 with full camouflage in jabel ali..unfortunately i couldnt take a pic because the car passed by really fast..Z4 is going to be launched very soon

  9. hey that no. plate had R on it. COOL!

  10. Author

    rayan, you should’ve chased it, man! 😆

  11. no. plate R 35 luks hott

  12. The X-Trail seems to have a split bumper/tail gate system like the new Outlander.
    In response to your question Assassin, it all depends on the severity of the damages. If the cars suffer light to moderate damages they are repaired and put in the showroom. The one’s that are totalled are scrapped. All dealers take an insurance policy to cover consignments, so damages are covered(paid) under an insurance policy. To those who plan on buying a new car anytime soon, wouldnt you like to know whether the car your buying was damaged before it got here? 😉

  13. Author

    I actually don’t know what happens to damaged cars, so I’ll rely on RayD’s answer. All I know is the dealer is “supposed” to do a “PDI” check before delivery.

  14. Mashfique,

    The dealer does conduct a ‘PDI’ after repairs and before delivering the car to a customer.

    On another issue, would you recommend the new Jeep Wrangler?

  15. Author

    Never driven a Wrangler, but judging by just sitting in it, and looking at the specs….as a daily on-road driver….no. If you love offroading a LOT, then it makes a bit more sense.

  16. why here in UAE, they are fond of hub cubs/rims, why not go for the mags? is rims better than the mags?

  17. hola y saludos a todos los empresarios de automoviles mundiales los autos ayque

  18. nosotros debemos ser mas cofiables en estabilidad de auto que significa auto moviles en cuadentena nosotros debemos tener mas calida en lo que se refiere en economia de combustible y que renga una gran eficiencia de combustible y tener mas emisin de escape desde el motor hasta el mofle.

    att{pamela 😐

  19. xtrial looks stupid.

    hope the peole made is lolllllllllllllll

  20. awsome car bro!

  21. What a sad bunch of comments from a sad bunch of losers, none of those who criticise the motor have driven it, how pathetic is that? I own one, and it’s one of the best motors on the road, fast, comfortable, goes anywhere, with exceptional off-road capabilities. Piggo, you are a retard, Boris and Maani, you are *lol*. I assume that the three of you are all still at primary school.

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