Ford shows off new 2009 Focus RS

Ford shows off new 2009 Focus RS

Ford has revealed the 2009 Focus RS hot hatch that they’re going to show at this month’s London Motor Show. Along with all the body-kit pieces you see in the photos, the car will pack a 295 hp 2.5-litre turbocharged 5-cylinder, using 410 Nm of torque through the front wheels, good for 0-100 kph runs under 6 seconds.

The Ford Focus RS is equipped with an innovative front suspension system known as a ‘RevoKnuckle’, which is designed to reduce unwanted steering disturbance and torque steer, since it is a front-wheel-driven vehicle. Torque steer occurs during hard acceleration, cornering or driving on uneven surfaces, when torque on the driven wheels exceeds grips levels. It is characterised by sudden turning force on the steering wheel and can be exacerbated by vehicles with wide tyres and limited-slip differentials. The so-called ‘RevoKnuckle’ works in conjunction with a Quaife Automatic Torque Biasing limited-slip differential to reduce torque steer. All-wheel-drive was dumped to save weight.

Other features include a 6-speed manual, 19-inch wheels, 235/35 low profile Continental tyres, bigger disc brakes, stability control with an “off” switch, upgraded interior and the body kit. We believe it will be available in colours other than the Hulk Green, although we also believe this is car is not coming to the GCC.

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  1. not available in gcc such a f****k bad news. 😳

  2. 295 hp! 😯
    Ford really needs to bring this here!

  3. why does ford hate us in the Mid East?

  4. I guess they think not many base Focus sell, why bother with bringing a sport model..
    Its not about sales, its about building the brand name! Just like how people buy Lancer EX GT coz they like the EVO but can’t or dont wanna buy it.

  5. I used to have the ST and had it chipped. Amazin car. If this bad boy came out over here i’d have one in a heartbeat.

  6. I can not believe the RS is not coming here, it seems a pitty since dubai love their fast cars and are probably one of only a few countries where the public can actually afford to still buy one in the current economic crisis. Ford really needs to reconsider their desision and put it on an order basis and surley once they see that there is a waiting list of 5 months, they might just change their minds. Lets start a petition. 🙁

  7. Author

    I’ve met the people running Ford here. You’d be surprised at how “out of it” they are. The job is just a paycheck for them.

  8. I have an Evo wich is moded and cant use every day , now am in the market for a nice fast everyday compact car and i was looking closly at the RS … cant find it in saudi also cant find it any where in the GCC …. now thats a bum !!!!

  9. this is a brill cars and i am looking for one myslef i think just by looking at one i what to have sex with it it looks that good

  10. Yea, as Mashfique said, I did call up Ford here in Dubai, as recently as December 09 and they had no clue about the car’s existence. I got transferred like 3 times to a reply from someone who said, “Umm, I dont think it will come.” Slackers? Pretty much!

  11. is there any hear in the uae i want to buy one i have a focus titanium

    please replay

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