New car buyer guide update: the sequel

New car buyer guide update: the sequel

Now that our old guide has been officially given a decent burial, our new Ultimate Car Buyer Guide has firmly taken over as the region’s best automotive resource. I might be tooting my own horn, but please direct me to a better source if there is one, so I can copy stuff off it, because personally researching all this information is a real pain. If you missed the latest cars that were added during the launch of our new guide, they are listed below. Also, if you have any older cars in mind which you’d like to see added to the ever-growing guide, post it in the comments section.

Hyundai – i10, Sonata, H1 …bet you didn’t know these existed
Audi – A4, A5, R8 …finally the German Cherys get their own page
Mercedes-Benz – CLC-Class …haven’t we seen this somewhere before
Kia – Mohave …tossers didn’t invite us to the launch event
BMW – 1-series Coupe …so ugly they slashed Dhs 25k off the price now
VW – Tiguan …the sleep-inducing “GTI of SUVs,” as marketers like to call it

Send me your favourite used cars!

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  1. —i10, Sonata, H1 …bet you didn’t know these existed—
    how much money was on the bet? I shud get it. I’m up to date with Kia and Hyundai and H1 is very old. i10 has been launched ages ago in other markets and did you include the i30? by the way, I’ve taken pics of the mohaves that were in the service centre. The LED lights are actually only on the top end model.

  2. yup, You didnt include the i30 in the Ultimate CBG.

    P.S: hey, dont take the bet thing literally, OK… 😉

  3. here is the link for the mohave pics

  4. Author

    I don’t know if the i30 is available here or not. I saw the i10 on a photo of a scanned ad(!) on the website, but no other info at the time. How pathetic is that?

  5. well I’ve seen it at the showroom and in an ad. Its here alright and boy is it european! beauty!

  6. Thanks for the guide! I used Drive Arabia extensively when researching what car to buy a few months ago and it’s a great resource. One thing that would be amazing (but a lot of work, I know) is to break down the price range for each version of a vehicle, instead of just giving one price range for all trims. Like for example – how much is a Wrangler Sahara, vs. a Wrangler Rubicon, etc…

  7. Author

    I can’t even keep up with whatever prices are listed right now! No editorial employees, you see. 😉

  8. thanks for your reviews, yet why we dont see Opel here 😆

  9. Author

    Opel has been killed in the GCC as a brand. It is not sold here any more, I believe.

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