Project Kahn designs cool wheels for Bentley

Project Kahn designs cool wheels for Bentley

England-based luxo-tuner Project Kahn has come up with yet another appearance package, this time for the Bentley Continental GT. The ‘Black Edition’ has an eight-piece body consisting of a three piece rear valance, two side skirts, a two piece front valance and a rear boot spoiler. Optional are the coolest alloy wheels we’ve seen in a long time.

The “Silver Mist” 22-inch alloys are 9.5×22 in size, and are designed by a certain Afzal Kahn. The geometric pattern is particularly unique, and does not even need chrome to stand out. These rims are, no doubt, insanely expensive.

The ‘Black Edition’ package also contains a full interior styling programme which includes a bespoke Project Kahn Luxury Leather upgrade and high gloss piano black interior fascia panels with the optional extras of either a high gloss piano black steering or a carbon-fibre finish steering wheel. Each car comes with tinted glass and a sports exhaust too. As standard the suspension is lowered by 20 mm but this can be adjusted according to the customers’ requirements electronically.

What do you think?



  1. not sure about the alloys but otherwise stunning!!! 😎

  2. sex on wheels

  3. shame on bentley. I dont know why this monster company is trying to make kids-toy.

  4. Dont the headlights look like the old Lexus ES/GS ?
    why hasnt anyone come up with a version of the Batmobile..Im sure that would be coolass car..imagine a batmobile coupe with a ‘effin shark fin !!!
    I dont think Kahnsaheb would be raving about these rims then..

  5. superb wheels looks awsome and hot.

  6. Some coool rims there..unique 😎

  7. Hello,

    Same one help me for this Wheel fit for 2014 BMW Z4?

    Please advice.

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